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Based on the OggVorbis plugin.   Free
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This is a FLAC plugin for QuickTime based on the OggVorbis plugin by Steve Nicolai from the qtcomponent project.
What's New
Version 0.5 beta 1
  • Importer : Corrected a bug with metadata (string was not terminated)
  • Decoder : Removed all dependency on sampleCount, using buffer size instead. Fixes a bug with Toast and potential bugs when exporting using QuickTime Player.
  • Decoder : Extensive code cleanup
PPC, Mac OS X 10.0 or later, QuickTime.

  • A52Codec
QuickTime FLAC Plu... User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 0.x:
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engpjp commented on 31 Aug 2006
Just to repeat myself:

Is it possible to use this plugin to enable iTunes to play FLAC files?

that would be amazing - on top of saving me a huge amount of time....

I'd be much obliged if anyone answers me - even if it's a demurral...

Kind regards,

Peter J. Pedersen

PS - Is this something the developer can answer?
[Version 0.5 beta 1]


juliew commented on 04 Feb 2006
This QuickTime component is generating a lot of entries in console.log and although I can open FLAC files and "play" in QuickTime Player Pro... there is no sound. :(

Sample of errors:
Not using idle, importing movie here
sample rate : 44100, sample size : 16, channels : 2
Youpi, EOF
duration= 0
QT5 = 0
InsertMediaIntoTrack : 0 223488
FLAC Import completed
Duration added : 223488
QT5 = 0
FLACDecompSetOutput reqSampleCount=1024
SoundComponentSetOutput returned 0
PrimeSource : Could not get ExtendedSoundComponentData !!!
[Version 0.5 beta 1]


Anonymous reviewed on 25 Oct 2005
This component doesn't work with QuickTime 7. The OggVorbis.component version 045, the new one works with QuickTime 7. So it would be easier now to fix the Flac component…
[Version 0.5 beta 1]


Anonymous reviewed on 14 Aug 2005
Unfortunately, this component no longer works with Quicktime 7 and OS X 10.4 :(

Apparently these broke the OGG plugin on which it was based as well ...
[Version 0.5 beta 1]


Anonymous reviewed on 01 Mar 2005
If like me you're still waiting for full iTunes support for flac format and/or third party plugins like this one, you can save your flac file as normal .mov files (small files pointing to your greater .flac files) and use them directly in iTunes. Airtunes, visual effects and music sharing won't work with these files, though.
[Version 0.5 beta 1]


Anonymous reviewed on 27 Feb 2005
Since people seem to be wondering, here's a condensed sort of "Usage Guide."

(1) Once you've downloaded and uncompressed the file, you'll see two items in the plugin folder. One is a copy of the open source license, and the other is the FLAC_Decoder.component quicktime plugin.

(2) Move the FLAC_Decoder.component file into

or if you don't have root access

if you don't have either of these folders, feel free to create them, either with the Finder (Command-Shift-N) or with Terminal (mkdir /Library/Quicktime)

(3) Restart Quicktime if it's open--otherwise, open Quicktime (if you've deleted the link in your Dock, look in the /Applications folder).

(4) Find a .flac file that you want to open--it should have no icon. Make sure it ends in the .flac extension--this will be important later. Using the Finder, select the file by left clicking on the file icon, and hit Apple-I (or select "Get Info" from the File menu).

(5) In the file's info window, you'll see the heading "Open With:" Click the triangle next to the heading, and pull down the "Open With:" menu--select "Other..." from the "Open With:" menu.

(6) You should now see a dialog box asking you to choose an application to open the unknown.flac file with--from the "Enable" menu, choose "All Applications" (the default setting is "Recommended Applications"). Navigate to /Applications and select Quicktime Player. If you didn't change the enabled applications to "All," then Quicktime Player will be grayed out and you will not be able to select it.

(7) Once you've successfully changed the file binding so that it opens with Quicktime Player, go back to the Info menu on your .flac file. Under "Open With:" you should now see "Quicktime Player" as the selected choice. If this is not the case, retreat to Step 6 and try again. Otherwise, click on "Change All..." to instruct your computer to "Use this Application to open all documents like this." There should be a brief pause, and a dialog box box will appear asking you if you really want to open all your .flac files with Quicktime Player. Click continue at the dialog.

(8) You now have installed the FLAC component and successfully bound quicktime to the .flac file extension. If you own Quicktime Pro, you can also convert and export .flac files into other formats.
[Version 0.5 beta 1]

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Anonymous commented on 16 Apr 2005
Thanks for the instructions! Worked perfectly and I can listen to FLAC in Quicktime now.

Anonymous reviewed on 19 Feb 2005
I have been searching high and low for a plugin of this type.

FLAC is a great format. Unfortuantely for me, I can't get this plugin component to work for me. I've 10.3.7 and 10.3.8 systems. The Ogg QuickTime plugin works. I also have DivX plugins that function. But I couldn't get this FLAC plugin to function correctly.

Not sure how to go about troubleshooting this, or whether this has to do with the QuickTime updates recently provided by Apple. If anyone has any ideas they'd like to share for the community at large. I've tried changing permissions and groups, looking at QT prefernces. If i have time to test the plugin on an earlier unpatched Panther install, I will do so and report back.

Thanks for the plugin though, and please continue development, as this kind of add on the OS X is greatly appreciated.
[Version 0.5 beta 1]

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Anonymous commented on 24 Apr 2005
Hi There,

I've downloaded and installed the plugin successfully using the instructions provided above.

flac works great in QuickTime Player, however I can't add any flac files to iTunes.

Any help that could be provided would be greatly appreciated.



Anonymous reviewed on 02 Jan 2005
Great to see a QuickTime FLAC Plugin as i have a lot of FLAC's from my Windows-Time some years ago. I heard Rumors, that the next Versioin of QT (maybe v.7) has built in ogg and flac playback support, but if i can have it today, even better.
To install the plugin, copy the "FLAC_Decoder.component" file to your "users/YOURNAME/library/QuickTime" folder to work for your User only, or to the "library/QuickTime" folder to make it work for all users, after this, restart the QuickTime Player. Now you could Playback .flac files, as it is only the Decoder. To create .flac files, you could use Tools like FLACer or MacFLAC. To playback a .flac file, you could open it via QuickTime Player window (open movie in new player) or drag and drop it on the QuickTime Icon in your dock (maybe you have to press Command & ALT while drag and drop, unless you assign .flac files with QuickTime (choose a .flac file and open the Information dialouge (file/information or Command + I) and choose QuickTime Player as standard-application for .flac files) then even doubleclicking a .flac files work.)
Unless the OGG-plugin for QuickTime, the FLAC plugin doesn't include the encoder and it hasn't the ability to playback .flac-files in iTunes (ogg works!), but it's great to see someone working on this.
If you have .flac files or plan to use some, give it a try.
To the developer: thank you!
[Version 0.5 beta 1]

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Anonymous commented on 03 Jan 2005
Thank YOU for providing the information the DEVELOPER should have provided!
Anonymous commented on 21 Jan 2005
That's kinda harsh. Do you often look gift horses in the mouth?

The developer seems to be putting a lot of time and effort into this; so perhaps politely suggesting it would be helpful to add the info into the download would be more sensible. Cheers.
Anonymous commented on 29 Jan 2005
Worked straightaway, very useful, many thanks to the developer.

Anonymous reviewed on 01 Jan 2005
Excuse me if this is a stupid question, but how the heck does it work? With it installed I can't import flac file into Quicktime, or export AIFF files as flac. I was assuming since it's a flac plugin for quicktime that it could do some of these tasks?
[Version 0.5 beta 1]


Anonymous reviewed on 30 Dec 2004
How/where do you install this??? There are no instructions.
[Version 0.5 beta 1]

3 Replies

Anonymous commented on 30 Dec 2004
move file to:
Anonymous commented on 31 Dec 2004
There is nothing else in that folder. Should that be?
Anonymous commented on 02 Jan 2005
If you haven't installed somthing else in that folder, there is nothing in it, that's O.K.
You could also install the Plugin in the "Macintosh HD/library/QuickTime" Folder, maybe there are still some plugins, maybe not.
FinalCut Express/Pro, some Audio Tools or the DIVX Plugin could be installed there, but if you don't use any of this applications, there's nothing in those folders.
Don't forget to restart QuickTime after installing the component.

mac adam had trouble on 17 May 2007
Open in QT 7.16 but no sound ring :((
[Version 0.5 beta 1]

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This is a FLAC plugin for QuickTime based on the OggVorbis plugin by Steve Nicolai from the qtcomponent project.

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