MP3 Surround Encoder
MP3 Surround Encoder


MP3 Surround Encoder free download for Mac

MP3 Surround Encoder

28 February 2008

Converts 5.1 channel .wav files to MP3 Surround files.


MP3 Surround Encoder converts 5.1 channel '.wav'-files to MP3 Surround files.


  • 16 or 24 bit resolution.
  • 44.1 or 48 kHz sampling rate.
  • Standard wave-format or wave-format extensible.
  • Encodes with a total constant bitrate of 192 kbit/s.

For both formats (standard wave and wave extensible) the channels have to be interleaved and in the following order: Left Front, Right Front, Center, LFE, Left Surround, Right Surround. The MP3 Surround Encoder does not accept 5.1 channel '.wav'-files that carry a stereo signal only.

Drag and Drop a selection of 5.1 channel '.wav'-files on the MP3 Surround Graphical Encoder.

MP3 Surround files can be played in stereo on any standard MP3 player or software.To increase the encoding speed you can disable the rotating animation by selecting the menu item 'Controls->Disable Animation' or pressing  - A

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