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08 March 2011

Teach or learn basic algebra.


AlgeBasics is software for the teaching and learning of basic algebra including the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of algebraic terms, order of calculations, simple indices and removal of brackets. The tutorials include graphics and animation presented in an easy to understand way to help in the understanding of concepts. Includes order of calculations, removal of brackets and simple indices up to the power of 3. The sums will get progressively more difficult if the user is scoring well. It can generate thousands of sums (up to 200 per session). Ideal for improvement through drills. If an answer is wrong, the correct answer is revealed immediately. Sums are marked automatically and a report can be printed after each session. Test Module: Set a test with just a few clicks of the mouse; Sit for the test on computer and have it marked automatically; Check the answer scripts on screen or on paper.

What's new in AlgeBasics

Version 5.0:

Added a new test module with three main parts:

  1. Preparing a Test:
    • Generate sums for a test with just a few clicks of the mouse
    • Edit details such as name of school, instructions to candidates, etc.
    • Option to include marks for each sum
    • Option for each candidate's sums to be arranged in a different order
    • Option for sums in the printout to be re-arranged in the original order of the setter's paper
    • Option for an answer key to be printed with the answer script
    • Print a hard copy of the original test paper with the answer key
  2. Sitting for the Test:
    • Candidates sit for the test on computers
    • The duration can be controlled by the computer or the examiner
    • Once the candidate completes his work, it will be marked and graded immediately
    • AlgeBasics has the ability to recognise various alternative correct answers
    • Candidates can print the answer scripts on the spot or save them on disk
  3. Checking the Answer Scripts:
    • The teacher can view the candidates' answer scripts on screen, one by one
    • Option for answer scripts to be printed either with the sums in the order of the examiner's paper or that of each candidate's paper

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