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03 January 2009

Newsreader downloads & decodes yENC files.


Note: newslite is no longer under development, and it is no longer available for sale.

newslite is a UNIX/LINUX command line tool to download from newsgroups and decode multipart and monopart yENC or UU encoded files.

There already exist a lot of programs like that. I built this new one to fulfill the following objectives:

  • Resource efficiency in terms of CPU usage and memory so that it could be run on low-end computers
  • Build "title list", in order to ease group content analysis
  • Robustness to news server connection loss
At this point in time, newslite only supports yEnc encoded binaries, the most widely used format for binary posting. Any attempt to download any other kind of encoded files will fail.

newslite main features:

  • Threads XOVER command for faster group message header retrieval
  • Threads file download for faster download
  • Builds full list of groups hosted by the server
  • Resumes download session in case of connection loss program interruption
  • Makes use of configuration file to simplify user command interface
  • Builds "title" and "file" lists from article headers for quicker group content analysis
  • Decodes yEnc and UU multi and mono-part encoded files
  • supports NZB file processing
  • allows connection to news server through any TCP port (i.e. not only using NNTP 119)

What's new in newslite

Version 1.10:
  • added -t (test a group) option
  • performance improvement and bug fixing...

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3 Reviews of newslite

01 December 2004
Version: 0.9

Most helpful

Nice initiative! Doesn't seem to support authentication, though :(
04 February 2008
Version: 1.9
I like the idea of this but have some issues. It appears to ignore the .conf file forcing authentication manually. The way it handles .nzb files is a nightmare, especially when you get the .nzb file from newzbin. Having to first have it check the correct group instead of getting it from the nzb, and even prior to that having to dl the newsgroup headers, seems to go against the idea of nzb and your stated intents. A worthwhile efforrt though. I hope for more development.
H.J. Mo
09 March 2005
Version: 1.3
It would be an ideal newsreader for heavy binary downloading with NZB feature. Unfortunately, I couldn't authenticate with my news server, so I couldn't test the NZB feature.
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01 December 2004
Version: 0.9
Nice initiative! Doesn't seem to support authentication, though :(
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