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HD Log6.0

01 December 2008

HD, FireWire (DV), analog and digital file video logger.


HD Log is a powerful tool for indexing and cataloging video from analog or digital sources in preparation for editing, archiving, or sharing. It is especially helpful in long form projects, transcriptions, and extracting frames for printing. Save time and hard disk space, and free the editor equipment for revenue producing activities. HD Log comes in three versions based on features: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

HD Log Features:

  • P2 Viewing and Media Management: Instantly view and manage Panasonic P2 MXF video clips. Even combine P2 clips from various cards to save as a new P2 Volume!
  • Offload P2 Cards: Make automatic backup copies of P2, AVCHD, Sony SxS, or RED cards. Printable Verification Report.
  • Repair MXF: P2 Clip Repair Wizard builds valid P2 Volumes from damaged ones.
  • Archive: Create permanent archives for clients with integrated Quantum A-Series Tape Drives, or your favorite DVD/Blu-ray burner application.
  • Video Assist: Auto-digitize QuickTime preview clips from CamCorders on the fly (Silver/Gold versions) with instant mirrored playback on video monitor.
  • Transcribe: Type in long descriptions and notes (unlimited text fields).
  • Custom Templates: Design your own. Log the data YOU want, in the style you want.
  • Print: Create storyboards or a concise table of thumbnails and data.
  • Search: Field specific, complex, or simple searching helps you identify clips or text--fast!
  • Designate the best shots: Mark just the clips you want to output or print.
  • File Sharing: Log files are easily searched and passed between all your producers and editors.
  • Save time and disk space: Directly controls RS422 or FireWire decks or cameras without having to digitize.
  • Field Logging: Grab timecode right off the camera with a portable USB Timecode Reader.
  • Automated Index: High speed clip detection for DV tapes, QT files, or from analog streams.
  • Compatibility: Your logs work with any NLE editor (FCP, Avid, Adobe, etc.)

What's new in HD Log

Version 6.0 now supports the new Panasonic AVC-Intra Codec, and addition of deluxe media card offloading functions.

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