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Charge clients based on time of projects.   Free
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OfficeTimer is an application for consultants, designers, and other professionals who need to charge clients by the amount of time spent on a particular task.
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Anonymous reviewed on 09 May 2005
It would be nice to have the option to combine/compile a "report" of the hours spent on a project. Or if there was a way to generate a summary of hours worked for each project. I dunno, just an idea.
[Version 0.2.3]


Anonymous reviewed on 08 May 2005
I would suggest to put an option to use and Hourly rate instead of by the minute. I chage by the hour and it doesn't divide nicely into minutes...
[Version 0.2.3]


Anonymous reviewed on 13 Apr 2005
The one problem I see with it is that the OSX version puts the configuration files in its own directory rather than in ~/Library/Application Support. This means you have to allow write access to a public file, and all users on the machine will be using the same file.
[Version 0.2.3]

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Anonymous commented on 14 Apr 2005
Not really a problem; put a copy of the program in the Applications folder in each user's Home folder. Since it's free, it's not like you need to buy extra copies.

The "preferences" system used isn't ideal I know, and it is certainly something I'll look at again.

Jeff-H. commented on 30 Jan 2005
One suggestion I have that would be a needed addition to OfficeTimer...A pause feature.
[Version 0.1.2]

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Anonymous commented on 10 Feb 2005
A pause feature is a good idea. I'm working on it right now, and should have the new version ready for download in a day or two.
Anonymous commented on 13 Apr 2005
The pause feature is added. Took a bit longer than expected, because I found a hitch when the computer went to sleep. Anyway, seems to work fine now. Let me know if not!




Jeff-H. reviewed on 29 Jan 2005
I'm suprised that nobody has used/reviewed this great little app yet.

It just does what it's just a simple task timer, but it does it's job.
I used to use Sambucus, and it had some great features, but I noticed my OS getting weird and unstable shortly after I installed it.
OfficeTimer has that good old drag-n-drop thing that I love, so I;ll be using it from now on.

Good show!
[Version 0.1.2]

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Date:26 Jul 2008
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OfficeTimer is an application for consultants, designers, and other professionals who need to charge clients by the amount of time spent on a particular task.

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