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22 November 2004

Design custom 2D mazes.


Ultimaze allows you to design and play custom publication-quality 2D mazes. You can customize the maze shape, generate maze paths automatically or manually, control the local color and line thickness, add text boxes and pictures, export and print completed mazes, or solve them on screen automatically or manually. Included are dozens of playable mazes that illustrate how Ultimaze can be used to design invitations, teach children, motivate readers, entertain clients, immortalize memories, and just have fun. Also included are dozens of JPEG images for use in creating your own beautiful mazes. Ultimaze Software and Quick Start Guide are available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. A 40-page User's Guide is available in English, together with a list of translations of important terms.

What's new in Ultimaze

Version 2.0:
  • Add text boxes, and select the text font, size, alignment, and color.
  • Import pictures in BMP, GIF, JPEG, PICT, PNG, TIFF, and many other formats.
  • Export completed mazes in BMP, JPEG, PICT, PNG, TIFF, and many other formats.
  • Move and resize text boxes, pictures, and the maze itself.
  • Adjust the thickness of the maze walls, from single pixel to 1/8".
  • Select the colors of the walls, tiles, paths, and walker, including transparent colors.
  • Store the ten best solution times for each maze.
  • Faster maze generation, autoforwarding, and screen drawing.
  • Convenient screen layout with toolbar, help boxes, and undo function.
  • Find maze solutions reliably and share processor time equitably with other applications.

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