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Aurelon PhotoPro LensTools

30 March 2005

Photoshop plug-in corrects image distortions.


The Aurelon PhotoPro LensTools plug-in is designed for correction of image distortions that appear when images are captured under specific conditions that a camera lens can't handle correctly. All professional tools for common lens corrections are combined in a very straightforward and easy to use interface.

Lens Distortion: With the Lens Distortion component it's possible to fi x both pincushion as well as barrel distortion. Spherised or 'inflated' images can easily be corrected. Included with this component is correction of chromatic aberration.

Perspective: Perspective distortion transfers rectangular objects to slanted items in a photo. A common example is in architectural photography. The distortion introduced with shooting an image when a camera base is at a low angle from a building, with the object towering above the photographer can be fi xed by using this filter.

Squeeze: Stretching at the edges of an image can be the result of using a wide angle lens to capture a group of objects in a line, such as a photo displaying a large group of people. This component manages to get the objects at the edges back into proportions.

Vignette: Light falloff at the corners of an image can be corrected with this component. Adding the vignetting effect in order to get that pinhole camera feel is also possible.

Lens Filter: This component enables color conversion and color balancing, much like the analog Wratten filters. Lens Filter offers custom colors, luminosity preservation and density control as well as combinations of cooling or warming filters.

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