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Drivers for recording live radio via radioSHARK.   Free
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Griffin radioSHARK allows you to play, pause, and record live radio on your Mac. Please note that this software requires the radioSHARK hardware to function.
What's New
Version 2.0.2:
  • Corrected a minor tuning issue with version 2 hardware.
  • Corrected a minor issue with AM presets and widget preset menu.
  • Changed mechanism used for updating radioSHARK software.
  • Fixed an incompatability with Mac OS X 10.4.9.

MacUpdate - radioSHARK

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radioSHARK User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 2.x:
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Jeff-H. reviewed on 31 Dec 2008
For my uses the Griffin radioSHARK has performed very well.
It hasn't failed to wake my computer up and start recording programs.
I have just set it up to start recording more shows with a somewhat complex schedule, so lets see how that goes.

I'm also VERY impressed with the size of the resulting recorded files. Understand that I've only recorded AM shows in non-stereo and at a rather conservative setting (I believe 96kbs), but a 4 hour show is under 150 MB! And the sound is nice and clear.

As far as reception...

I've seen around that this has been an issue at least where this first generation (white), radioSHARK is concerned.
When I first plugged in the shark I had nothing but static and was a little disappointed. I thought that the radioSHARK was its own antenna. I took advice that I had seen on a couple places and instead of buying a costly antenna I plugged in a cheap set of earbuds I had lying in a drawer. I don't know much about antennas so I'm not sure if the tiny magnets improved the reception but it was incredible! I must have quadrupled the stations that I was pulling in and they were strong and clear, both AM and FM.

I would say try that first before spending money on an antenna.

All-in-all very pleased.

p.s. Got mine on amazon for less that $20 delivered!
[Version 2.0.2]



jmh1 reviewed on 01 Aug 2007
Average rating 3.5, based on category scores.
Overall a nice product, but I cannot quite give it a 4.
because the FM reception is not as good as I would have is an antenna after all.
Mac functionality is fine or better.
Windows version needs a bit of work.
New price deal got me to buy.
[Version 2.0.2]


Anonymous reviewed on 07 Oct 2005
I also own one of theese's Sharkies and have experienced the same problem's that have been brought up on this tread, i.e. useless Ouicktime movie file, not recording a schedule program ect.

A couple of things I found to work quite well are:

(1) I keep two user's account's on my computer and when I'm not going to be around for a recording I log myself on first, then useing fast switcher I log on to the other user account, this seem's to work quite well.

(2) I know this won't be a popular choice but also I set the hard drive to never sleep.

I also found that you need to keep checking your schedule recourding's especially around the end of a month.

Good Luck!
[Version 2.0b23]


Anonymous reviewed on 13 Sep 2005
This product gets too much flack and bad press. There is nothing wrong with the Hardware; the initial (1.x) versions of the software were poor, but Griffin has stepped up to the plate with the 2.x betas (which are completly rewritten). Scheduling is 100x better, much less buggy... Only things that are lacking are:
- Auto station preset
- RDS decoding
[Version 2.0b23]


Anonymous reviewed on 14 Apr 2005
I've been using the RadioSHARK for about 3 months on my G4 tower (10.3.8) and have had good days and bad. The original software was lacking in some basic features (ex: when to repeat recordings) but it was stable and would record whenever it was told to.

By software version 1.0.5 there are most of the features one could want but the recording reliability has gone to hell. I'm regularly being left with .mov files that I can't do anything with and it's random (apparently) which recording will be lost.

Oh, and the change to daylight savings time: Someone seemed to think that programming the time shift into the software was a good idea. It was not. The program read my computer's time (automatically corrected) and then added its own 1-hour shift! Result = 5 hours of recording dropped to 3 and I had to go and change my schedule back to what it was. I don't appreciate software modifying my information unless I specifically ask it to do so.


It is not a bad product so long as you want to do simple things. Poor reception inside of an office building is something I've seen (heard) from many radio devices, not just this one so I don't feel right blaming that on Griffin. If you want reliable scheduled recordings, though, I would think carefully before choosing this particular product. Their software can only improve, really. And why is the font in the scheduler so very small?

The original encodings for AAC files were iPod Shuffle incompatible (don't know about the others). I've been using iTunes to make AAC files from the raw AIFFs and have had no trouble... when the files actually record ;)
[Version 1.0.5]

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Anonymous commented on 18 Apr 2005
Update: I've finally given up on version 1.0.5 of the software. It will not record reliably overnight since Daylight Savings kicked in. It also consistently locks up the whole system at about 2am; something nothing else has been able to do. I'm reverting to 1.0.3 and will see if that fixes anything. At this point v1.0.5 of the software needs someone to take a serious look at it.
Anonymous commented on 21 Jun 2005
I had precisely the same issues with this hunk of junk all the way back in February and it seems that Griffin still doesn't have a new version of the software. It seems obvious they have no intenetion of ever fixing this product and just pocketed your money. I own an iPod too and have NO intention of using Griffin products with it. I consider myself already burned once so no way will I do it again.

Anonymous reviewed on 21 Mar 2005
I've had huge problems getting this thing to actual record a useable file. It apparently saves 5 files as it records, then combines them into the final AAC file. Unfortunately, mine usually leaves the 5 files (3 .mov files and 2 .m4a files) unfinished and uncombined, but NONE of these files can be played by anything -- they all return errors.

The problem is intermittent so I can't figure out what is wrong. Of course, the Apple Store refuses to take it back and Griffin ignores my emails so I'm just junking it and sending a complaint to the Better Business Bureau.

Of course, this is just one of several issues with this device. The software is crude and limited, the manual nearly useless ("troubleshooting" amounts to little more than the equivalent of "did you turn it on?") and there is no supplemental troubleshooting material on the Griffin website. The tuner sensitivity is poor -- I get better reception from a crappy boombox and a $5 flashlight/radio! In fact, I often get crosstalk from other stations.

Frankly, this thing stinks. I consider myself burned and probably won't ever buy Griffin products again.
[Version 1.0.5]

2 Replies

Anonymous commented on 21 Mar 2005
The multiple files you have are left over from previous recordings - for any given individual recording there will be a .mov file which - if all goes well - is converted into the format you specify (in this case it is AAC).

The 1.0.5 update fixed all known causes of the .mov file not being converted or deleted, so if you are experiencing the problem with 1.0.5 please send Griffin support a copy of your console.log (using and ask them to send it to the developers.
Anonymous commented on 06 Apr 2005
Version 1.0.5 did NOT resolve the issues as you claim. In fact, in the couple weeks since I wrote the comment originally, now it won't combine ANY of these files at all on any recordings! Besides no longer recording at all anymore, it doesn't start and stop when it is scheduled to, it switches from FM to AM and random and it reports cryptic messages in the console. I tried reinstalling the software without any changes. This thing is pure, unadulterated garbage. DO NOT BUY THE RADIOSHARK -- IT WILL JUST TAKE A BITE OUT OF YOUR WALLET! BEWARE!

Anonymous reviewed on 25 Feb 2005
I too love my radioshark. I record 3 shows every day, 3 hours every day, without fail. I only wish we could select lower aac settins. I record am shows (jim Rome, Michael Save, local am show) and don't need even 64kbps. Overall great program with a few quirks. nees more presets in teh EQ, needs to continue to improve on AM radio reception. But, I'm very happy so far.
[Version 1.0.5]


Anonymous reviewed on 24 Feb 2005
No problems with mine - vwell worth the wait.
[Version 1.0.5]


Anonymous reviewed on 17 Feb 2005
Hint: Do Not Buy the radioSHARK if you have a G5

So I was really looking forward to using my radioSHARK in conjunction with iMac G5 20", but it is not to be. And this is too bad because if it had worked reliably, it would have been a pretty good product.

I bought my radioSHARK after a year's wait. I develop embedded devices for a living, so I must admit I was thinking about developing my own. Actually, I'm still thinking about developing a competing product as I think there's a large market of Mac users that would like to have a product like the radioSHARK that works reliably.

So when I bought my radioSHARK, I joyfully brought it home. I had heard that it had reception problems, but I held my breath after plugging it in and yes! I had pretty good reception.

But after installing the software and setting up a recording schedule, I was very disappointed to discover the "skipping" problem. Instead of recording morning edition, I got a recording of a half second loop of... well... I don't know what it was recording. But the effect is that it sounds like Philip Glass caught in a tight loop.

After weeks of discussing the problem with Griffin support, I was able to convince them that I had a problem. Their final resolution for the problem was... don't ever let your screen go blank. Well... that's great guys. I have a G5 iMac with a built-in 20" screen that's 4 feet from my bed. So if I want to be able to use the thing to record programs over-night, I have to keep the screen on while my wife and I sleep.

No thank you.

I would like a refund. Sadly the Apple Store couldn't care less that the thing didn't work, telling me I had to talk to Griffin. Griffin told me I had to speak to the Apple Store.

So... this is the last product I buy from Griffin OR the Apple Store. Micro Center has at least as good a selection of Mac equipment, and if I want attitude from salespeople, I'll go to Neiman Marcus, thank you very much.

Long story short... I'm doing a credit reversal through my credit card company and filling out a complaint with the better business bureau.
[Version 1.0.3]

3 Replies

Anonymous commented on 23 Feb 2005
Anonymous: your skipping problem may be related to a possible audio sleep problem the G5 computers have (if you're using a hub, try plugging it directly into the iMac). Griffin support has apparently been able to reproduce the problem you're having with audio devices from other manufacturers.

In any case, eventually the radioSHARK software will be updated, so please try that out before you give up. I can assure you Griffin is not ignoring your problem.
Anonymous commented on 27 Feb 2005
I have the exact same problem with my G5. But I'm giving Griffin the chance to fix it before I go scholastic on their booties.
Anonymous commented on 06 Apr 2005
It's not just G5's that have a problem. This piece of junk doesn't work on my G4 Cube or my TiBook either. It fails to record reliably on either one. I had the same problems with both the Apple Store and Griffin too. Apple told me "tough luck" trying to return it and Griffen just says "Oops...I guess you'll have to wait until we update." Screw you -- this product should at least work as advertised out of the box. Instead, I just gave Griffin an interest-free $70 loan for a product that clearly isn't release-quality. There is no way I'm getting ripped off like this again and I plan to tell everyone, everywhere, what a hunk of junk this product is.

Anonymous reviewed on 01 Dec 2004
It works... but the recordings it dumps in iTunes have lots of hiss that is not there when listening off-air. (Wire tap recordings don't have the hiss but are not as convenient for recording at pre-set times). Has anyone solved that problem?
[Version 1.0.3]

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Date:12 Apr 2007
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Griffin radioSHARK allows you to play, pause, and record live radio on your Mac. Please note that this software requires the radioSHARK hardware to function.

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