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14 June 2005

Import XML data into InDesign CS.


Automatic tagging and document generation solution for XML data!

J2SCatalog is a plug-in for InDesign CS designed to automatically tag and generate documents starting from an XML data source.

J2SCatalog can be used to lay out catalogues, property listings for estate agents, directories, ... i.e. any kind of publication featuring information sharing the same structure (records).

The user first creates a «model» by laying out the items of a typical information unit (record). J2SCatalog then duplicates this model throughout the document, adding new pages as necessary prior to importing the data from the XML files.

J2SCatalog does not intend to fully automate the creative process of page layout but to deal with the fastidious task of laying out and tagging all items in a document for XML import.

J2SCatalog relies on InDesign CS own XML processing possibilities. Once the document has been generated, the updating process is as simple as using the XML import feature provided by InDesign CS.

J2SCatalog demo version is limited to the first 10 records of the XML file.

What's new in J2SCatalog

Version 1.2:
  • Layout template creation module.
  • You can use multiple page templates to define a variety of alternate layouts. When creating new pages, J2SCatalog uses the initial order of pages and chooses the corresponding layout.
  • You can specify the name of the XML tag corresponding to the record.
  • It is possible to ask J2SCatalog to group items at the end of the duplication process.
  • It is possible to specify the position of the image in the frames.

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