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Olympus DSS Player... This file is a free software upgrade for DSS Player. This file contains important compatibility updates and bug fixes for the DSS Player version 6.
What's New
Version 7.1:
  • Support DS-5000 barcode firmware v1.04
  • Verbal Comment recording functions continue to work (F1 button) even after the options has been disabled.
  • DSS/DS2 files, which have been edited on a DS-5000, will not play in DSS Player for MAC.
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later

Olympus DSS Player User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 7.x:
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Bowlerboy_jmb reviewed on 02 Mar 2014
Anyone (like me) who has an Olympus digital voice recorder knows what a pain in the butt can be to deal with the propriety .DSS format in which the older Olympus devices stored their files—especially since Olympus's updates could not keep pace with the evolution of the Mac OS X's more rapid development schedule.

With the special USB cable Olympus gave you, you could still move your .DSS files off of the recorder and onto your Mac, but the Mac could not play .DSS files, nor was there any audio converter software other than NCH's Switch available to convert .DSS into something useful, like .mp3, and even then, Switch could not convert the lower LP mode, or even some of the SP mode files.

Without the DSS Player to convert those .DSS files to .AIFF as the intermediary format, users were essentially stuck with a great piece of hardware but no software to work with it, unless you still kept your PowerPC alive.

Well, it turns out that Olympus actually did update DSS Player to a Mavericks-compatible version 7.5 this past December, although you had to damn lucky to accidentally come across a blog which mentioned it, while also adding that downloading of the upgrade was restricted to dealers and others who access to a private portal. Why Olympus would restrict access is beyond my imagination, unless their marketing department is run by a bunch of punitive monks, because people have been clamoring for such an upgrade and if you went through all of the software upgrades available for downloading for all of current models of digital voice recorders in the entire Olympus line—which I did—you still would not find a link allowing you download the new Mavericks-compatible version of DSS Player.

At least not at the American website.

For some reason though, if you Google correctly for it, you can find it on the Australian website at:


I suggest that MacUpdate grab it up and make it available for current owners of Olympus digital voice recorders to download. This is an upgraded, so only users who had obtained an installation disc of the original application (and upgraded it over the years to at least version 7) will be able to take advantage of the upgrade file. I did. It runs great.

Not that I'm going to get rid of my PowerMac, but it sure is nice to get unstuck. Now I can actually get more use out of my DS-2 recorder!
[Version 7.1]



Plut0 reviewed on 12 Mar 2012
I updated my Macbook Pro to OS 10.7.3 and visited the Olympus site to download the latest, Lion-compatible, DSS player 7.2.8
It installed OK and would bring up and play all of my old recordings from my DS-2 recorder that were on my hard drive.
When I plugged the DS-2 into the USB port, the player program started but nothing else happened. No files on the recorder were displayed.

Google searches seem to indicate that older recorders, specifically any of the Olympus units that are in the "non-professional" category, are no longer supported.

My emails to Olympus have gone unanswered. I will never buy another Olympus recorder. I am now looking for a good unit from another manufacturer that supports standard recording formats that can be used with MacSpeech Scribe.
[Version 7.1]



filchescat reviewed on 26 Aug 2009
Upon launch it states that an installation of version 7 is required. Then it quits. Version 7 is there. I agree - testing prior to deployment and support for this app on a Mac is sadly lacking. Apparently lost in translation. Can't rate it if it doesn't launch. OS 10.5.8 / Intel MacPro. I always have to revert to version 6.x, which is barely usable.
[Version 7.1]


Penguirl commented on 26 Aug 2009
The previous versions of DSS Player were wretched applications that functioned just barely adequately and had an atrocious UI that was obviously a Windoze port with little effort put into it.

Now they've dropped support for older recorders such as my DS-330. In turn I think I will be dropping my future support for Olympus.
[Version 7.1]


Pragmat commented on 04 Sep 2008
Thanks bosskev for the heads-up on the near uselessness of this release. One is left to wonder about the lapse of mind within those creating a software package requiring almost ten times the space it should reasonably need while neglecting support for some rather pricey related hardware products that were current less than a year ago and are still sold as new by mass-marketers round the globe. It would greatly surprise me to learn that a more usable, better engineered app could not have been written in 9-30 mb that didn't support every DS-player Olympus has made to date. Frankly, it's absurd to think otherwise.

While it is true that Olympus has continued to uphold their good name in the cameras they produce, so far as the Macintosh side of their business is concerned at least, their software has steadily gone from the bemusingly bad to tragically worse. Instead of enabling longtime and long-suffering DS users to move DS access to their ICBMs, Oly' ships this offensively half-thawed mammoth. Something tells me, this following on the equally preposterous recent travesty that was Olympus Master 2, we have yet to reach the nadir of Olympus' ill-considered software design. They seem to be on a roll. Another most disheartening event from a company I have for several decades had only the greatest respect. It causes me shame to watch this decline.

Note that using an app such as Pacifist will allow you to extract some components from this package which will assist you in having some manipulative access to DSS files on PowerPC & x86.

[Version 7.0.1]


bosskev commented on 04 Sep 2008
A caution before updating: be aware that the 7.x software does NOT support several older but still commonly used Olympus recorders. From the 7.0.1 ReadMe file:

Note : DSS Player for MAC V7 does not support the following discontinued recorders DS-3000/2000/660/330/320/150/10, DM-1 and the RS-25 foot pedal. While direct recording is supported, Direct Recording in DSS LP mode and WMA fomat are not.

On a test machine, I tried installing the software anyway just to see what would happen, and the 7.x software DID NOT work with either my DS-2200 or DS-2000 recorders, nor did it work with the RS-25 pedal--just like the ReadMe indicated. Very sad as these devices just are not that old.
[Version 7.0.1]


Anonymous reviewed on 26 Oct 2005
I love this unit. I'm a song writer and story teller and it has changed the way I catalog ideas because of SIZE and CONVENIENCE. It fits easily in my pouch with my cell phone, it's always handy, the software is easy to use and I can download quickly. I can convert files to AIF so they're compatible with my DAW software (Digital Performer-Mac OSX). The FIDELITY is good enough to record several instruments and hear clearly the details. It has several handy features, like if you're listening to an entry and want to comment on it, you can record a new entry, then when you go back to the original entry it plays from where you stopped, not the beginning.
[Version 6.0.4]


Kendall Hallett commented on 19 Dec 2004
One of the worst customer service responses I've ever gotten. "Unfortunately, the DSS Player is currently only guaranteed compatible up to OS 10.1.5." Absolutely no comments about updating software for Mac. I had to go back to older version, which at least >works< with 10.3.+
[Version 1.4.2]

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Anonymous commented on 10 Jul 2005
To Get DSS Player Lite on Mac OS X Try:
There are currently no troubleshooting comments. If you are experiencing a problem with this app, please post a comment.

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Version Downloads:18,895
Type:Multimedia Design : Audio
Date:26 Aug 2009
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
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Olympus DSS Player... This file is a free software upgrade for DSS Player. This file contains important compatibility updates and bug fixes for the DSS Player version 6.

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