2.40 19 Aug 2009

Manage/utilize oligos more efficiently.


Developer website: Markus Winter

OligoChecker keeps a record of the oligos in your lab (or you can use the provided Excel template). You then just drop your sequence onto the program and OligoChecker outputs which of the oligos are suitable for PCR. Select two oligos and you are shown the alignment of the oligos on the sequence and the PCR product. To run a different PCR just click on another suitable oligo.

Do you have a print-out of your sequence with the position of the primers penciled in?

Are you using Excel to maintain a list of your oligos?

Have you just moved from working on one gene to working on a similar one and wonder which primers you can still use for your PCR?

Do you subclone and rearrange sequences and somewhere along the line lost track on which primer to use where?

Have you started in a new lab, inherited a box of oligos and a folder full of printouts that came with them but no information on what they were ordered for?

Have you ordered and waited for primers because you don't know which of the ones available you can use with your sequence?

If any of these sound familiar then OligoChecker might be for you.

The licensing fees are:

Students: $19.95 €14.95 £9.95
PostDocs and technicians: $49.95 €29.95 £24.95
Lab licence: $99.95 €59.95 £49.95
Departmental licence: $199.95 €129.95 £99.95
Institutional licence: $299 €199.95 £149.95
Business licence: $499 €299.95 £249.95
Campus wide licence: $399 €249.95 £199.95
University wide licence: $499.95 €299.95 £249.95

What's New

Version 2.40:
  • Layout: increased description field so that more text can be displayed
  • Layout: moved oligo order info to the right, made it hideable


Mac OS X 10.3 or later, Minimum display size 800x600.


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19 Aug 2009
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