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LocFactory Editor1.8

12 February 2009

Editor for localizers and translators.


LocFactory Editor is a Localisers editor - a text editor specifically designed for editing most of the common localisation file formats.

Ever used a word-processor? Then you're already comfortable with the LocFactory Editor interface. There is no complex UI to learn, no difficult procedure to get used to. Just move around, copy, replace, find and edit as normal. However, unlike a standard text editor LocFactory hides the details of the localisation file formats and only presents the useful information. So you no longer have to decipher difficult to read XML, or worry about damaging the structure of the file.

Want to use translations from a previous project? Simply choose your dictionary and apply it. Or even easier - use your previous project as if it was a dictionary!

What's new in LocFactory Editor

Version 1.8:
  • Right-To-Left Scripts - LFE now provides much better support for RTL script systems. Recognising and automatically switching text direction as necessary.
  • XML and HTML Tag Colouring - HTML tags are now easier to work with - as they are automatically displayed using a different colour. Feel free to highlight or lowlight those difficult to read bits of HTML or XML.
  • Automatic Original Text Diffs - For those times when you get the project back and some of the original source text has changed slightly - you don't want to have to translate the whole piece again. LFE makes it easy to quickly reuse your previous work by highlighting the changes in the original text. It's easy to see what's removed and what's added. * Currently only gettext provides support for this feature.
  • Gettext 0.16.1 Compatability - LFE now fully supports all of the new keywords added in 0.16 including:
    • Previous Msgid
    • Msgctxt
    • Previous Msgctxt
  • Gettext Future Expansion - Just in case, the gnu guys decide to add more new keywords, LFE will now preserve unknown keywords rather than complain about them.
  • Language Menu Updated
    • The language menus in the preferences now display ISO Codes as well - making it easier to choose a language even if you can't read the script.
    • It's now possible to enter ISO codes for languages/locales that LocFactory doesn't already know about.
  • Smarter Plural Support for PO files - LFE will now automatically create the correct number of plural entries as specified in the PO Header - so if your original PO generating tool screws up the plural fields, LFE will automatically fix it for you.
  • PO Header Format Alignment - Previously, LFE would assume that the header field always started on a new line. Now it correctly preserves the original formatting.

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4 Reviews of LocFactory Editor

04 May 2005
Version: 1.2

Most helpful

Best app to translate with. Ever.
06 December 2010
Version: 1.8
I cannot launch this program on my mac. 10.6.4 imac with 3.06 intel core 2 duo and 8 go 1067 mhz of ram... Please help!
30 November 2006
Version: 1.6
Very nice software, and actually the only one usable on Mac in its class, but stability is awful. Basically I can rarely have it running without crashing for more than 10-15 minutes of translating session. It's nice to have auto-save feature and all, but it definitely would be much better just to have a stable version which doesn't crash that often. Other than that, a very nicely made program. Just please fix the crashes. Please..
12 October 2005
Version: 1.3
application doesn't launch here. (osx 10.3.9)
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04 May 2005
Version: 1.2
Best app to translate with. Ever.