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07 February 2006

Java/swing framework for managing windows/components.


A pure java/swing framework for managing/moving/resizing inner windows or components using a layout manager like a BorderLayout or a GridBagLayout.

Here a list of features :
- Compatible with standard java layouts (BorderLayout, GridBagLayout...)
- Resize, move inner windows or components
- Maximize any inner windows
- Use actions toolbar by inner window
- Default actions for maximizing or extracting an inner window
- Dynamic add/remove of actions
- Shadow when moving / resizing an inner window
- Save and restore the state of your environnement
- Several samples for GridBagLayout and BorderLayout
- UIManager for customizing the default colors
- Hide / show any inner windows (depending on your layout for the result)
- UI delegate for customizing inner components
- Avoid the usage of splitpanes

What's new in JDock

Version 1.4:

New Features:

  • Method for dynamically resizing a window
  • A pop-up menu on the window icon is available with toolbar actions content
  • A JDockException is thown when using several times the same constraint
  • AutoScroll mode available by inner window
  • InnerWindowProperties for the Inner Window parameters, used for a single AddInnerWindow method
  • Each addInnerWindow method has a last parameter for the autoscroll mode
  • The default view of JDock implements the JDockSource interface

Bugs fixed :

  • Some initial wrong size
  • Faster layout
  • Title bar size
  • InnerWindowPropertiers (title, icon, action model) wasnÕt taken into account
  • Maximize function (couldnÕt operate on some layouts)
  • Hidding a window at starting wasnÕt taken into account by the status bar/menu
  • When enabling the statusbar the size couldnÕt be changed

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