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MrClean is a simple utility that finds and trashes duplicate files, empty folders and aliases. Localized in English and Italian languages.
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Version 1.8:
  • Compiled as universal binary
  • Note: new www site and download server,
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.3.8 or later

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MrClean User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 1.x:
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NaomiQ reviewed on 21 Nov 2013
This program has crashed several times, and then it spins and I can't even move the window. The idea seems good; too bad it doesn't work.
[Version 1.8]

Lifer commented on 30 Jun 2010
I am now literally 26 hour sinto the initial use of this program and it has not finished "sifting" through a 9GB folder to list the duplicates, etc ..

Seriously - I thought just for grins and to point out to the world the literally insanely slow nature of this crazy program to just let it run and run and run - and see how long it takes.

I will be updating daily.

I will probably let it run for about 3-4 days before giving up and force quitting.

Unless I have a power outage before then.

I cannot put into words the insanity of the low nature of this program - and I am running a dual processor power PC G5 - 1.8GHZ -

[Version 1.8]

Lifer commented on 29 Jun 2010
OH MY GOD - I could commit a crime - be tried and sentenced to life in prison - serve many years - get paroled - and then die - ALL BEFORE this program FINISHES the job it was asked to do.

Seriously - I picked the "scan unwanted files and trash them" option - on what I considered a medium size folder ( 9GB ) - and it is now about 3 hours into the job and not even HALF (50%) finished !

I probably should have unchecked a couple of boxes - no log - and not to remove duplicates with changed names - but live and learn.

Anyway - for anyone reading this - the program might work - this is my first time using it - so I am hoping - but it is so slow that it would never be accepted by the general public in any broad sense as a commercially viable software package - because people would grow old and die too often before it was finished.
[Version 1.8]


bedstuy65 commented on 05 Mar 2007
Everytime I run, even with few/no other applications open this program always "stops responding" in Activity Monitor.

I don't trust it to do anything with my supposed unwanted files until this is fixed.
[Version 1.7]


redage commented on 28 May 2006
Always those critical reports of persons unable to read a manual.

Aliases found in selected folder / volume: 5
Duplicates found in selected folder / volume: 3
Empty folders found in selected folder / volume: 1
Aliases found in selected folder / volume: 5

Seconds to complete: 8
[Version 1.7]


Anonymous reviewed on 02 Jun 2005
Very slow, very, very slow. Takes ages to scan a folder with just 20 items, which makes me suspicious of the algorithms the programmer has used. Does it scan the entire folder every time a file is encountered or something? There are smarter ways of finding duplicates!
Also, the "Changed names" thingy checks by modification time etc. Could be much faster if (s)he used md5 checksums for this.
Prefs are stored in a (visible) textfile which must be stored in the same directory as the program: YUCK!
All in all: nice program, but not finished yet, and could be made a lot more intelligently. Programmer, get to work !
[Version 1.6]


Anonymous reviewed on 21 Mar 2005
Holding down 'command' to stop the process is ludicrous. Why not the standard 'command-period'?

As one of millions who use command-tab to move from program to program, Mr Clean is the only program I've ever come across in which this can't be used.
[Version 1.4]


Anonymous reviewed on 14 Feb 2005
Owing the fact I'm not too sophisticated, I encountered none of the observations noted above. I was staggered by all the rubbish MrClean unveiled which I promptly trashed. As a paranoid, I had quadruplicates of everything.

My only problem is an inability to discover how to select the greyed out items beyond MrClean's reach!. Other than that, I feel the program is straightforward and intuitive.
[Version 1.4]


Anonymous reviewed on 22 Oct 2004
I set this app. running on a Wednesday afternoon on a 11 gig folder of photos. It is now Friday afternoon and I want to go home.

Is forty-eight hours an unreasonable length of time for this type of app?

Dual 1gig G4, 700+ megs ram
[Version 1.4]

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Anonymous commented on 22 Oct 2004
sorry, duplicates search time grows exponentially, according to number of files to be compared. i can be nothing about this, only an advanced feauture to choose folders inside main folder to exclude from scan could speed up the search process. i apologize for your wasting of time.
Anonymous commented on 26 Oct 2004
OK, I left it running over the weekend; five-and-a-half-days on a fast machine and it's still looking at this 11 gig folder. I have to re-start the machine now for maintenance reasons.

There has to be a better way, surely?

Also, command-tabbing through your applications (something I do all the time) is impossible as you use the the command key to stop this application.

Anonymous reviewed on 06 Oct 2004
if you check the "Detailed Log" button, you will not see a barber pole but a progress bar showing which folder mrclean is lookin into.
your feedback is really appreciated, i will think about your suggestions in next mrclean release.
[Version 1.4]

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Date:11 Aug 2007
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MrClean is a simple utility that finds and trashes duplicate files, empty folders and aliases. Localized in English and Italian languages.

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