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Very simple system optimizer.   Free
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Panda is a simple optimizer (verify/repair HD, update prebindings, repair disk permissions) that needs a lot of improvements but it gets the job done. This is an alpha version, expect a much better application when in it's in beta stages.
What's New
Version 0.3:
  • Better Interface.
  • Known Problems: Optimization script may not work on some systems.
PPC, Mac OS X 10.3 or later

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Panda User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 0.x:
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Paul Bowers commented on 03 Feb 2007
This "developer" should go very far in the industry with the surly attitude...
[Version 0.3]


Anonymous reviewed on 19 Sep 2004
When I clicked "Activate all panda Scripts" under the first poorly designed tab it launched my terminal to execute "/*/*/*/" which makes no sense at all whatsoever.

Speaking of the user interface, it can be described as "poor" at best. The tab view is crunched together to the point that not all the wording shows up properly, it looks sloppy when "Optimizati..." and "Verify/Re..." shows up instead of what it is supposed to be.

The buttons to "Activate" the scripts are horrible. They're lop-sided and humongous.

Another thing to note would be the "Clean Logs" section. If the feature isn't implemented why bother adding it? It's a shame since that really is the only thing that would've been worth using this program for.

I hope you spend more time making the next version instead of wasting all our time with this type of useless and ugly program that lacks creativity, a decent interface and effort put into said program.
[Version 0.3]

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Anonymous commented on 19 Sep 2004
Well Sorry for starting out with my first application I know that most the application is sloppy but you dont need to bash it with your comments I was making a way better version for 0.4 so dont come in here posting a review on how bad my app was poorly written as you can see this is an alpha version so next time read before you speak.
Anonymous commented on 19 Sep 2004
Alpha is not an excuse for a poorly designed application so why don't you learn to program before releasing things.
Anonymous commented on 19 Sep 2004
I am happy to see that this is your first program.

However, that does not serve as a valid excuse for putting this program out. If everybody put their first program out on a site like MU it would be overrun with horrible works such as this.

If only there were some sort of "quality control" on sites like these to prevent programs like Panda 0.3 seeing the light of day. Wishful thinking on my behalf, but it would do everybody a favor.

If you are still in the learning phase of programming and have not yet mastered the language by any means at all, you should hold off on sharing the program(s) with everyone because it is unprofessional and somewhat of an embarassment.
Anonymous commented on 20 Sep 2004
If you are not satisfied with my piece of work that's fine with me but if you come here just to insult me your in a very wrong position. Every version this app would get better. So quit your complaints and let me code the next build without your idiotic insults.
Anonymous commented on 21 Sep 2004
We/they are not attempting to insult your intelligence. They were and I am merely stating that you should learn to code in something other than AppleScript and make sure your program is completely ready for release (and actually does something useful) before putting it up for review.

Anonymous reviewed on 16 Sep 2004
Would love to try this because the 19k download size piqued my curiosity. But I can't get it download - browser times out. Guess I'll try again later.
[Version 0.2]

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Anonymous commented on 18 Sep 2004
Download Link should work now. Sorry about that.
There are currently no troubleshooting comments. If you are experiencing a problem with this app, please post a comment.

Achi rated on 29 Feb 2012

[Version 0.3]

Version Downloads:2,158
Type:Utilities : Optimizers
Date:18 Sep 2004
Platform:PPC 32 / OS X
Overall (Version 0.x):
Ease of Use:
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Panda is a simple optimizer (verify/repair HD, update prebindings, repair disk permissions) that needs a lot of improvements but it gets the job done. This is an alpha version, expect a much better application when in it's in beta stages.

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