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ElectricImage Plug-in Updater2.9.2

23 April 2000

Animate your designs with this 3D modeling plug-in.


ElectricImage Plug-in 2.9.2 Updater adds the following:
  • Custom Frames-Per-Second dialog now accepts decimal values like 29.97.
  • In the Material's Diffuse tab, changing the Mask value numerically would not stick when the dialog was closed.
  • In the Texture dialog window, viewing the image in RGB and zooming in would cause a crash.
  • Adding a Shader to any Material channel that used greyscale information (Bump, Clip, Reflection, etc.) would disable Blend Modes for all channels.
  • Ambient and Tube lights would not hold their shadow settings.
  • Lights in Sets used for Illumination Inclusion or Exclusion would sometimes flip to their opposite.
  • Texture tiling choices (Mirror, Repeat, Hold, None) in Projection lights did not work as selected. (Mirror would Repeat, Hold would render as None, etc.).
  • In the Camera View window, an object's highlight would disappear if its light's Enable Illumination checkbox was deselected.
  • QTVR Panoramas with mirror reflections would crash when rendered.
  • Pasting into the F-Curve window failed.
  • In the Sound dialog, changing a track's Volume value numerically now changes only that value. It does not affect the Rate value.

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