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GanttPV Scripts061226

05 January 2007

Add functions to the GanttPV project management tool.


GanttPV Scripts add functions to the GanttPV project management tool. Scripts are available to print reports, export reports as HTML, edit default work weeks, add document tracking, import MS Project files, adjust schedules, etc.

What's new in GanttPV Scripts

Version 061226 adds these new scripts:
  • Insert Custom Column - creates a user-defined column type and inserts it
  • Paste Cells from Clipboard (requires GanttPV v0.7) - just like pasting to a spreadsheet
  • Show Only Current Tasks - show only tasks in the last 7 days or next 14 days; hide others
Recent major script additions include:
  • Import MS Project XML File - reads a Microsoft Project file (XML format only) into GanttPV
  • Move Task Start Dates - adjusts the start dates of the selected tasks forward or backward by the desired number of days, weeks, months, or years
  • Save Report Layouts - captures report and column layouts as a script to share with coworkers

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