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08 May 2006

RSS newsreader, scrolls entries across your desktop.


FeedTicker is a simple RSS news reader that scrolls entries across your desktop like tickertape. It's great for news feeds that are constantly updated. It will make your Mac into a dead-sexy information nexus or realize your dreams of turning your monitor into CNN Headline News.


  • Polls news feeds every half hour and scrolls the news across your screen whenever there is a change. Alternatively you can set FeedTicker to loop the entries so you have a constant supply of news.
  • A click on a news entry will open the link in your default browser.
  • A control-click or right-click on a news entry will open an information window with additional entry detail.
  • A set of entries can be prefaced with a Title entry labeling the group. Clicking on the title will bring up the site the feed is from.
  • Control-clicking or right-clicking on a Title entry will open a menu with a list of all of the feed's entries.
  • Can be positioned anywhere on the screen or on additional screens by dragging the "tape" to the new position.
  • Can be configured to run floating on top of all of your windows or under your icons on the desktop.
  • Fonts as well as background and foreground colors are all configurable. It does transparency too!
  • Tickertape sound effects when new entries are introduced.
  • Cool transition animations!
  • Scrolling speed is configurable.
  • All configuration is done through a preferences window in real time; no need to restart the FeedTicker.

What's new in FeedTicker

Version 2.0.4:
  • FeedTicker is now a Universal Binary.
  • Empty feed titles will no longer cause Feedticker to lock up.
  • Feeds with multi-lined titles (like Yahoo News) no longer render oddly.
  • A bug in title's hashing function will no longer cause crashes for 10.3 users.
  • Fix for users having problems dragging to a left monitor.

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2 Reviews of FeedTicker

06 August 2004
Version: 1.0

Most helpful

Great! Been waiting/looking for this very thing. I work in a newsroom and the updated feeds are helpful. Best $7 spent in a long time.
13 September 2004
Version: 1.0
Shows potential but has a few very bad things: - major CPU hog!!! this bug needs to go! Really!!! It doesn't happen "sometimes" as mentioned in the read.me, it happens ALL the time on my PowerBook G4 667mhz and it EVEN slows down a G5 dual processor till it feels like a G3. THIS IS A SHOWSTOPPER!! - Dual screen: the ticker should be placable on the screen you wont it to be on: now I cant control it. - Scrolling: stops sometimes in left corner and then 1 word remains after wich words start scrolling until that word - order of display of headlines: I have no clue if there is any order or not? I would like to be able to control this myself - update time: who says it can only be 30 minutes? Come' on this is something I would like to set myself and if possible per feed! Other then this: again a potentially good RSS feeder.
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06 August 2004
Version: 1.0
Great! Been waiting/looking for this very thing. I work in a newsroom and the updated feeds are helpful. Best $7 spent in a long time.
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App requirements: 
  • Intel 32
  • PPC 32
  • Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later
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