noise fade transitions
noise fade transitions


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noise fade transitions

29 July 2004

iMovie static noise plugin.


Noise fade transitions are a set of iMovie transitions that will make a clip disappear into, or appear out of, something that looks like 'signal noise' (also called 'static noise'. Pull the antenna cable from your TV set, and you'll see what that looks like ­ if your TV is old enough and won't shut down the picture because of a missing signal).

Because of it's high stylistic use, we've added the option to control the color of the static (one-color, two-color, random-color). This allows for very effective transitions, especially if you

  • choose a single, high-contrast color (black, white, red) for the noise
  • choose two prominent colors (one from clip 1 and the other from clip 2) and apply as transition. remember that you can pick the color directly from both clips
  • use area of effect to blend two similar clips and choose the two noise colors to be from what changes.
included transitions:
  • crossfade: this transition fades the first clip to full static, and then fades the static into the second clip.
  • fade in: this transition fades from full static to a clip.
  • fade out: this transition fades a clip to static.

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