0.3.6b • 30 Sep 2007

Feature-rich midi sequencer.


Developer website: Pascal Naidon

MidiSwing is a midi sequencer. It lets you play, edit and create midi files.


  • Play midi files. Can use Java Sound, QuickTime instruments or Sound Fonts or play on an external device. The notes being played are indicated on a keyboard.
  • Edit midi files. The content of the midi files is displayed on a piano roll. You can change the notes and the major controls (tempo, instruments, volume, velocity, reverb, etc).
  • Create your own music. You can create your music from the piano roll or record from an external keyboard.
  • Monitor the midi events contained in the midi file
  • Play quicktime video along with the music

What's New

Version 0.3.6b:
  • Bug fix: no more short notes when reading re-opening midi files.
  • Bug fix: now quantises notes consistently with the displayed grid.
  • Bug fix: no more unwanted automatic scrolling (hopefully).
  • Bug fix: lyrics with Japanese characters are now visible
  • Bug fix: the time signature is now properly displayed when it is changed.
  • Bug fix: the "Add Track" menu command now properly assigns a new channel.
  • Bug fix: menu shortcuts now work on Windows.
  • New: Support for Sound banks via Gervill (on any platform)
  • New: Discarded sound bank support via Apple Core Audio on Mac OS X, due to Apple's discontinuation of their own technology in Java. This was the reason MidiSwing could not run on recent Mac systems. Apple Core Audio is the most performant sound technology on Mac, with a very low latency. Now MidiSwing uses Gervill to output sounds, which may be slower. You can still use older versions of Pencil on older Mac systems. If you are unhappy about this situation, please ask/complain to her majesty Apple.
  • The video playback was also discarded following the discontinuation of QuickTime for Java by Apple.
  • New: New ways to make time selections from the time line with full edition (delete, move, stretch).
  • Nouveauté : the behaviour of the tempo slider is more intuitive: it is now automatically updated as a function of the scrub position. The tempo can be varied in real time using the slider, and the tempo value can be applied to the selected section using the arrow button.


  • Mac OS X 10.4 or later
  • Java 5


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30 Sep 2007
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