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16 February 2008

Computer games for infants.


Bambini... I have written this program for my daughter Chantal. Since her first year of life she likes to sit on my lap and types on the keyboard of my Mac. She is always happy if something changes on the monitor or a tone appears.

The first version of Bambini was developed by this situation. It displayed different forms at every keystroke by random. Also, a tone was played. Now, Chantal is for 3 years old and has a little bit more requests for a computer game. I have therefore implemented different other games in addition. The simple forms were also completed by more effortful, lovely animal pictures, designed by Marcel Möri.

What's new in Bambini

Version 3.4: The games "Pictures by random", "Pictures by Keypress" and "Guess first letter" can play a sound with the same name as a picture. This gives you the ability to play for each picture a corresponding sound.

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