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MathType is a powerful interactive equation editor that lets you create mathematical notation for word processing, Web pages, desktop publishing, presentations, and for TeX, LaTeX, and MathML documents.
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Wgscott reviewed on 12 Apr 2014
I purchased version 6.0b in late 2010. What I did not appreciate at the time is that I had bought a non-universal application with no upgrade path to intel macs (which appeared 4 years previously) that depended on Rosetta (which no longer exists in 10.9, 10.8, or 10.7). The upgrade to 6.7e (as opposed to 6.9 for windows users) involves a hefty upgrade fee. They kept all of this, including the need to pay for an incremental upgrade, well hidden at the time of purchase.

I basically need this only for editing slides in Keynote that contain mathematical expressions.

One thing that would make upgrading worth the additional fee would be Keynote iPad compatibility. Currently there is none. I tried manually installing all the fonts, and converting their non-truetype fonts into truetype first, and then installing these on my iPad using Still no joy.

I'm now making all new slides using LaTex. I just typeset the equation, compile a PDF, and then cut and paste. (TexFog is a handy free app that makes this easy).

If you don't need iOS compatibility, and don't mind being chained to the paid upgrade cycles, the software performs well, and the ease of use (which I gave 5 stars) is its strongest point. (You don't need to use LaTex or any other markup language.) It is reasonably feature-rich (I gave 4 stars due to lack of iOS compatibility).

The other rather civilized aspect is that you can make slides using the trial version, and they will still work even after the trial expires, as the application makes its fonts available to the system.
[Version 6.7e 12112800]

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Wgscott replied on 12 Apr 2014
One of my assertions is wrong. The installer for the older version is PPC only, but the actual program itself was a universal binary.


trungpt reviewed on 14 Jan 2011
Cannot find any equations that I cannot make with this software. Love both Mac and Win versions.
[Version 6.0b]



Simonm reviewed on 27 Dec 2009
Won't install under Snow Leopard without having Rosetta installed. I'm not installing Rosetta just because this company can't release a reletively recent's not that hard. Didn't even get to try the software hence the 1-star rating.
[Version 6.0b]

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Dalahast replied on 03 Apr 2011
Rosetta takes up, what, 3 MB of space, according to the installer. The fact that you did not get to try the software is caused by your refusal to install something the size of an MP3.

nowheredense commented on 14 May 2007
I was too curious about a universal binary update. So, I emailed DesignScience and received a respose within several hours.

They stated that they are finishing their work on v6.0 of MathType for Windows this year, and that they anticipate a release of v6.0 for Mac in 2008.

I know that it will be a long wait. But, when released, I would expect it to be compatible with a new Microsoft Office suite.
[Version 5.1]



Phaleron reviewed on 13 Mar 2007
• I have recently purchased a licence for MathType 5.1 but I am very unhappy with it. Some of the problems I have been experiencing are:

• Causes InDesign to hang when long strings (15 characters plus) are placed.

• Does not retain CMYK settings, but reverts to RGB, turning my K100 black into a 4-colour black.

• The title field in the save dialogue occasionally lumps all characters in one space, making the saving process nearly impossible.

Wrote to vendor, but is completely unresponsive.
[Version 5.1]

There are currently no troubleshooting comments. If you are experiencing a problem with this app, please post a comment.

Albert Krutzenbichler rated on 19 Mar 2013

[Version 6.7e 12112800]


KurtLove rated on 30 Sep 2011

[Version 6.7c 11083000]

Jdennis897 rated on 25 Aug 2011

[Version 6.7b]


Dgeo rated on 08 Jan 2011

[Version 6.0b]


Macsimm rated on 15 Dec 2010

[Version 6.0b]

Version Downloads:2,526
Type:Education : Mathematics
Date:06 Dec 2012
Platform:Intel 32 / OS X
Price: $97.00
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MathType is a powerful interactive equation editor that lets you create mathematical notation for word processing, Web pages, desktop publishing, presentations, and for TeX, LaTeX, and MathML documents.

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