OSX SkyFighters 1945
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World War II flight simulator.   Shareware ($29.95)
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OSX SkyFighters 1945 is a WWII flight sim that features quick dogfights, mission play, online play and a Mission Builder.

Fly against computer AI aircraft, or against others over a network. (No extra charge for network play.) Create custom paint jobs for your aircraft.
What's New
Version 1.0.8:
  • Added air to ground rockets
  • Added rocket training mission
  • Added rocket combat mission
  • Added gun shape and smoke puffs to the AAA gun object
  • Added ability to turn on low overhead Anti-Aliasing
  • Updated the textures in the Island world
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.1.5 or later, or Mac OS X 10.4 or later, depending on version you download

MacUpdate - OSX SkyFighters 1945

  • X-Plane
OSX SkyFighters 19... User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 1.x:
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Mcyukon commented on 22 Mar 2011
For those of you who still own a serial for this game, and still have the application it can be fixed to run on Snow Leopard.
[Version 1.0.8]


dixo reviewed on 26 May 2007
demo period is too short - but i bought it anyhow. Game is ok, nice and easy to get into.. sadly though the community of fliers is poor - hardly anyone online other than a hand full of old veterans. The graphics are ok... there are a few dedicated skin/paintjob artists out there but most are poor at best.

Features: ive had this game for almost a year and the updates are slow... there is no Spitfire or Messerschmit - which you think would be standard

Buy xplane if you want a sim and download targetware if you want action.
[Version 1.0.4]


Anonymous reviewed on 26 Oct 2005
fun game, but all flight sims are. the response time after a mission is slow and i don't like how the landing gear works. this game has nothing on xplane, the fact it takes 24 hours to get a regestration number leaves me with no choice, but not to buy it. short shareware version as well... i'm buying xplane.
[Version 0.85]

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Anonymous commented on 29 Oct 2005
>this game has nothing on xplane

Besides being able to fly airplanes, X-Plane and Skyfighters are very diffrent games/sims AFAIK. X-Plane is probably a better value and more accurate but you can shoot down planes in dogfights etc with Skyfighters.

Anonymous reviewed on 03 Sep 2005
Absurdly long loading times on higher-end computers, exuberantly small demo period. Not getting my money. The one thing I do feel good about is that the author didn't make it difficult for me to reach that conclusion.
[Version 0.82]


Anonymous reviewed on 02 Jul 2005
XPlane sells for alot more than $30.00 as Rhett claims (unless he's mixing in counterfeit money).
[Version 0.75]

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Anonymous commented on 20 Aug 2005
Oh, whoops I'm sorry it's $35 (http://www.pricegrabber.com/search_getprod.php/masterid=3891294/search=X-Plane), or you can get it right off the website for a whopping $39 (http://store.x-plane.com/cart.php?m=product_list&c=3).

Anonymous reviewed on 22 May 2005
Cute. Why even bother with this when you can get a shrink-wrapped copy of X-Plane 8 for $30? Crummy, out-dated, time-limited apps, have nothing on a real Flight Sim. Sure, it's got no combat but you won't feel like an ass in the morning for having wasted your money.
[Version 0.74]

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Anonymous commented on 12 Jun 2005
OSX SkyFighters doesn't want to be a real Flight Simulator. You can't compare it to X-Plane.
Anonymous commented on 23 Sep 2005
Really? It looks like that guy just did.

Anonymous reviewed on 21 May 2005
Wheres the ME-262?
[Version 0.74]

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Anonymous commented on 20 Jun 2005
Yeah. And where are the: P-39, Brewster Buffalo, Swordfish, Macchi C.202, Arado Ar 240, Dornier Do 335, Avia B.534, Bristol Bulldog, Fiat G.50, Vultee V-48C Vanguard or Morane-Saulnier M.S. 406. I mean, for cryin' out loud... you don't even have a Panstwowe Zaklady Lotnicze PZL P24F!!! Dude, WTF?!

Anonymous reviewed on 25 Apr 2005
well i downloaded it to try it out... it said nothing about a 5 min time limit for trying the game... in fact it did say you could do three missions and the rest would be available if you purchased it. this was a complete waste of my time. the game itself is not too bad for a mid 90's game (graphics and sound) but because of that 5 min limit, im spending my money elsewhere... i felt that insulted.
[Version 0.70]


Anonymous reviewed on 10 Apr 2005
Great flight sim. Has mouse control which means you do not need to use a joystick. Also has more advanced features for the seasoned player. I was looking for something that was not as complicated as X-Plane (which is also a great flight sim) and have finally found it. The software is a great value at $29.95. Many thanks goes out to Don for this game!
[Version 0.70]


Anonymous reviewed on 09 Apr 2005
This simulator is GREAT !!!!! It helped me to co-ordinate hand eye for flying my real radio control
aircraft without making crashing mistakes. I just couldn't be happier with a piece of software. The developer really has the creativity and real intrest in flying to compose a piece of software that is EXTREMELY ENTERTAINING. My grandson at age 6 is learning how to fly and it's just wonderful.
Many thanks to Don for a true simulator experience.
[Version 0.70]

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Version Downloads:6,542
Type:Games : Simulation
Date:29 Mar 2008
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
Price: $29.95
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OSX SkyFighters 1945 is a WWII flight sim that features quick dogfights, mission play, online play and a Mission Builder.

Fly against computer AI aircraft, or against others over a network. (No extra charge for network play.) Create custom paint jobs for your aircraft.

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