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Panopticum Rulers1.0

21 July 2004

Plug-in modules help create special FX in After Effects.


Panopticum Rulers is a set of plug-in modules designed to help you create special effects in Adobe After Effects. With this set you can art up your video with various types of scales, clock-type dials, rulers and more. You can create direct and circular scales, adjust and animate their parameters. Their layout and value ranges can be adjusted as well. You can define the digits type on your dials and much more.

With this module not only creation of simple two-dimensional rulers is possible. You can create various kinds of 3D rulers as well. Choose shape, size, design various 3D dials, protractors, triangles and adjust their size, type and position on the screen. Parameters of 3D ruler scales can be adjusted as well. Another feature of our module is that you can specify the material of your ruler. If choose glass as a material, your ruler will refract the image under it. Such rulers can reflect images as well. You can set illumination for your ruler and adjust the intensity, color and direction of the light source.

Panopticum Rulers consists of the following modules: Rulers - helps you draw various types of 2D rulers. Rulers Ring - lets you design 2D circular scales. Rulers 3D - lets you design 3D circular scales Rulers 3D Triangle - creates various types of triangular 3D rulers. Rulers 3D Ring - creates various types of circular 3D rulers. Rulers 3D Protractor - draws 3D protractors.

Using our rulers and scales in multi-layer compositions and combining them with other effects like glow, noise and more, you can create stylish exclusive videos. We hope that this product will be of use for you as it provides new opportunities to help you design a variety of new exceptional works!

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