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iTunes Music Alarm Clock is a stay-open AppleScript that transforms iTunes into a music alarm and has an extended functionality from the bundled file track management tools.
What's New
Version 7.5.1 is all about a minimalist but functional window to iTunes, complete with playback control, playlist and track selection and other features, working in tandem with the bundled tools. Refer to the ReadMe-7.5 for details.
PPC, Mac OS X 10.3 or later, iTunes 4.6 or later (May not work on Mac OS systems earlier than 10.3 and iTunes 4.6)

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ver. 7.x:
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jnuneziglesias tipped on 23 Feb 2006
Since everyone seems to be having so much trouble with this app, try out iRooster, at Super-easy to use, works like a charm.

Otherwise, it's not too difficult to write a little applet using Automator, and set iCal to open it on an event. I will post my own .workflow file at a later date. (it fades in the volume, which is really nice. =)

(I am not the developer of iRooster btw, I was writing an email to my friends about my Automator workflow and iRooster was one of the Gmail ads -- handy!)
[Version 7.5.1]


Anonymous reviewed on 06 Jun 2005
Wow. This is by far the worst application i have ever seen in my life. It is so bad, that i made it a point to come here and write this.

Do not download this. It is the most confusing, unintuitive, disorganized application that i have ever seen in my entire computing career.

The developer of this application should just stop using computers completely.
[Version 7.5.1]


Anonymous reviewed on 11 Feb 2005
I have not downloaded this app - BUT I want to point out that I never see such positive and friendly feedback from developers! Don't know how your app works bud, but you are top notch!
[Version 7.4]

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Anonymous commented on 14 Feb 2005
Thanks buddy. I just love to be of service to a great many fans of the good old Mac. I have been one since its birth and still will be for years to come.

Good luck and I hope you will find good use for iT-MAC if you ever find the need to download it.

Many thanks once more for your comment.
PezUnion2004 commented on 04 Jan 2005
thanks for the ical hint whoever that was.
[Version 7.1]


Anonymous reviewed on 03 Jan 2005
if u like problems, download it ! really
[Version 7.1]


Anonymous reviewed on 17 Dec 2004
Instead of paying $10 to developer, try this:

create new event in iCal, set the preferences in Info window (start/end of alarm period, repeat/end frequency, type of alarm, reference calendar),
and keep iCal open all the time (make it startup item).
[Version 7.0]


Anonymous reviewed on 17 Dec 2004
this software keeps crashing my G4 867 when booting up. It's a shame because this would have been handy.
[Version 7.0]



L008com reviewed on 06 Dec 2004
Its an applescript. Not an AppleSCript Studio app, no, a regular old applescript with a "dialog after dialog" based GUI. Pass on this one.
[Version 6.5]

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Anonymous commented on 06 Dec 2004
Thanks for your comment and rating, John.

This script is strictly for AppleScript lovers. I haven't mastered AppleScript Studio to give it that professional GUI, courtesy of AS Studio Cocoa underpinning.

However, I am indeed thinking to give this nice GUI in the future but not now. The best I could do is integrate some nice AS Studio applets, like the Progress Bar, into iT-MAC to breathe some life into its GUI. Else, all GUI is basically AppleScript and as you already know, this can only be done through a series of interactive dialog boxes. If you know of better ways to do it in AppleScript, without using a commercial OSAX, I would be your first customer.
Anonymous commented on 08 Dec 2004
Question, John.

Is there such a thing as a regular new AppleScript that is any different from the regular old AppleScript that you described iT-MAC 6.5 as?

I am just wondering whether I am missing the boat here. I thought I am hitting on all new cylinders as far as AppleScript, Script Editor, etc are concerned.

Romy Opena

Anonymous reviewed on 14 Nov 2004
Ok, I installed it and set it up to wake me up tomorrow BUT, and it's a MAJOR BUT...

I keep on getting a pop up (every minute) : "computer now in use. The script is idling now. Just waiting to activate itunes when the alarm time comes. BYE"

What's up with that??

system: 10.3.4
itunes 4.6
[Version 6.1.5]

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Anonymous commented on 16 Nov 2004
Reply to Caroline:

Are you talking about the iCal-iT Just Music Alarm or iT-MAC? There is a major problem with scripting iCal and I keep getting into trouble with that. That's why I have posted a "Please don't download this script" because of such problem.

My iT-MAC works alright...but I will double check. Please try to download another copy...after protection was removed.
Anonymous commented on 22 Nov 2004

I hope iT-MAC works for you now. Don't worry about that pop-up dialog. It disappears on its own and just installed there to let other potential would-be sneak users of your computer that it is busy working for you. Important thing is if it did the job to wake you up at your appointed time. I hope it did!

Anonymous reviewed on 29 Sep 2004
Here's an update for all of you. The freeware release of that idler script which controls iTunes and iCal to create a music alarm is now out. Check it out at

Enjoy the script!
[Version 6.0.1]

Vhtt had trouble on 20 Aug 2004
Liked iTMAC a lot since version 2.5, but in this latest update, the script wouldn't work :( when I launched it I got two errors. First:
"Can't set visible of window 1 to true". Then, immediately, it says "The variable preferred_Task is not defined".

Not being applescript-savvy I don't know where to begin figuring out what went wrong. Version 4.0 worked beautifully for me, but now I can't seem to download it anywhere.

I'm on 10.3.5, iTunes 4.6.
[Version 5.0]

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Date:10 Mar 2005
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iTunes Music Alarm Clock is a stay-open AppleScript that transforms iTunes into a music alarm and has an extended functionality from the bundled file track management tools.

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