07.20.11 21 Jul 2011

IRC chat client.


Developer website: raffi

jIRCii is a powerful Mac OS X Internet Relay Chat client. jIRCii is scriptable (with many available on the website). The focus is to provide a UNIX console client experience with the advantages of a solid GUI. Some call it the closest thing to mIRC on MacOS X. Features include DCC file transfers, IRC over SSL support, multiple server connections, and over 75 built-in commands.

What's New

Version 07.20.11:
  • jIRCii now uses the Nimbus look and feel and Single Document Interface modes on all operating systems by default. This look is much more modern.
  • Default fonts on Windows and OS X are now bolded
  • Added new status and miscellaneous window icons
  • Added some white-space to the right of the "close window" button in SDI mode
  • Options window is wider to accomodate IRC network selector on OS X
  • List windows (/list -gui and others) now use a different icon from the status window.
  • Removed "Applications" configuration. jIRCii now uses Java's Desktop API to launch a URL.
  • Removed "random servers" group from server connect dialog
  • jIRCii is now friendly to the latest format of mIRC's servers.ini file
  • Updated servers.ini to the latest from http://www.mirc.co.uk/servers.ini
  • join/part messages in default theme now shows addresses
  • /load can now load scripts contained inside of jerk.jar
  • Removed black-listing of GTKLookAndFeel for Linux systems (set use Native L&F option to get it). After 7 years, it has matured enough to work with jIRCii [See Beta 15 notes].
  • Updated jIRCii about dialog with new look jIRCii logo
  • Added links to the bug tracker and jIRCii homepage in the Help menu
  • Updated MacOS X and Windows icons to new jIRCii logo
  • Updated Java Application Stub so jIRCii works with MacOS X Lion now.


  • Mac OS X 10.6 or later
  • Java 1.6.0 or later


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21 Jul 2011
Intel 64 / OS X / Intel 32