Mac-HaBu X 31 Oct 2015

Simplify small business accounting.


Developer website: Mc Richter GbR

Mac-HaBu is an easy-to-use accounting programs with an integrated Invoice module. This program addresses the following users:

  • Freelancer
  • Small to middle companies
  • Clubs
  • Private households

Also, an accounting program may be useful for users who don't need a balance sheet. Programs which support only the recording of incomes and expenses can show only the actual value. In many cases it is however necessary to include also future transactions (e.g., paying by credit card).

The accounting is in each company a very sensitive part. On the one side it must fulfill legal conditions. On the other hand an accounting program should be very easy to use. Because my wife is an accountant, she primarily interested in the first point. My part is to to make sure that even non-accountants can use it. The switch to another accounting program requires a great deal of time. So it is very important that you be able to use the new program for a long time. Because our program is highly user-configurable (account structure, tax keys), you can use it without updates for a long time. Nevertheless we offer regular updates (usually free of charge). Sometimes it is not easy to have the best of both worlds, but Mac-HaBu's success shows me that we accomplished it.

'Download Now' link is to 60-trial version. Mac-HaBu comes in three editions: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

What's New

  • New report for usage of articles
  • The report "Profit + Loss" can be limited to a cost center.
  • Accounts can now be used with up to 8 digits for impersonal and 9 for personal-accounts.
  • When sending mail (offer, invoice and order), documents can be attached, now.
  • When you create offers, invoices and orders, you can enter formulas to calculate values from variables.


  • OS X 10.7 or later


Current Version (15.x)


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Business / Finance
31 Oct 2015
OS X / Intel 32