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Phonebook/SMS/Calendar for some Nokia phones.   Commercial ($37.99)
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PhoneDirector gives you control when working with your Nokia phone in Phonebook editing, SMS, Gallery, Calendar, To-Do, Java, Wap, Radio, and Notes.
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Version 1.6.5:
  • OS X 10.9 support
Intel, OS X 10.7.5 or later

MacUpdate - PhoneDirector

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PhoneDirector User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 1.x:
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Justin Watts commented on 18 Sep 2009
I contacted the developer due to issues with using the software. Feedback was within 24 hours - I was impressed. Issue was was my bluetooth USB module and not the software. Tested on a friend's Mac - I am very impressed!! Does everything I need it to.
[Version 1.4]



Jordan L. reviewed on 07 Mar 2006
Yes, I've tried it with my Nokia 6255i, and it works perfectly! It's a little tricky setting it up, but if you know your way around your Mac, you should have no problems. It's a really great piece of software, but a little pricy...
[Version 1.0.8]

yooj commented on 16 Dec 2005
Can anyone confirm if it will also work with Nokia 6225?
[Version 1.0.8]

Damo commented on 19 Oct 2005
Not that plug & play easy as iSync but the error msg's tell you exactly what to do & how to fix your issues ASAP.

Imported my vCards from Addressbook with no issues, even has a nicer layout than the Apple one IMO.

Went from nothing in my phone, Nokia 6021 & never used the application before to having all my contacts in the phone in 10 minuets.

Wont relly be using the rest of the app to be honest but this is the difference between using & not using platform 40 Nokia phones on a Mac at all.

Great really happy with the phone & this app. Great job & happy to have handed over the cash
[Version 1.0.7]

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butidontlikespam commented on 04 Jan 2006
Yes, I just installed PhoneDirector on a new Nokia 6021 today no problems. It transferred my Mac address book without a hitch, and also uploaded the java app for Salling Clicker as per the thread here.

(As you will see from that thread, I had to do it twice. No idea why.)

Thanks to the person who originally mentioned the 6021 here; it helped me buy an appropriate phone without forking out for a 6230.
butidontlikespam replied on 04 Jan 2006
P.S. I have yet to explore the other features of Phone Director, a few of which don't apply to the 6021 anyway. It does seem to be a good app., although 30 USD is rather steep, and I am hoping that for that sort of money the authors will support my registration for quite a long time. I will be annoyed if I there are uppgrade charges later.

Similarly, they do have different apps for different phones, which sounds costly for users in the long run. Still; I'm happy I registered. I don't doubt it will get some good use.

Anonymous reviewed on 12 Oct 2005
It works ok. Sadly, while trying to upload playlists to the phone, the transfers get stuck at around 10% every single time with no way of resumeing it, this transfer problem causes a freeze and I have to start all over again with the same result.
[Version 1.0.7]


Anonymous reviewed on 03 Jul 2005
something like this would be nice
[Version 1.0.6]


Anonymous reviewed on 17 Feb 2005
This rocks, and until isync gets it together to support 40 series phones, its the best option around. Would be nice to be able to export from ical to its calendar, but otherwise definitely 4 stars.
Please put pressure on isyc to develop.
[Version 1.0.3]


Anonymous reviewed on 25 Nov 2004
too expensif.....
[Version 1.0.3]


Anonymous reviewed on 22 Aug 2004
I recently purchased this app. to use with my Nokia 6820 and new iMac running 10.3.5 The main reason being to keep backups of my contacts list and also easily update it. This has been very easy to do. Connecting to down or upload files to the Graphics folder is not currently possible but as I do this with the Bluetooth utility on the mac is makes little difference.
[Version 1.0.2]


Anonymous reviewed on 19 Jul 2004
nice app

a little expensively
[Version 1.0]

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Date:02 Jan 2014
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PhoneDirector gives you control when working with your Nokia phone in Phonebook editing, SMS, Gallery, Calendar, To-Do, Java, Wap, Radio, and Notes.

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