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02 February 2006

devnag preprocessor for the Devanagari LaTeX package.


MacDevnag is a port for Mac OS X of the devnag preprocessor for the Devanagari LaTeX package which lets you typeset sanskrit and hindi texts in LaTeX documents:
  • The interface has been considerably simpified: from a single main dialog, one can set all the parameters and options and launch the processing. Help tags convey info about each item.
  • Scriptability has been enhanced: you can convert a file or simply a piece of text from AppleScript scripts.
  • one can Drag and Drop a file's icon from the Finder onto the main window to have this file automatically selected as an input file.

What's new in MacDevnag

Version 1.2.6:
  • MacDevnag is now localized for the dutch language (the application is already localized for english, french and italian). Still looking for contributors to help adding other languages (only a few strings to translate. See instructions in the package).

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