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27 July 2004

Fast multi-threaded image viewer.


BTFlip is a multithreaded image viewer that lets you browse through a folder full of images very quickly.

  • Multithreaded for faster image loading
  • Flip through all images in the current folder using:
    • Toolbar arrow button
    • Up and Down arrow keys
    • Mouse scroll wheel
  • View images four different ways to suit your needs:
    • View all images at 100% regardless of window size
    • Scale images to fit the current window size
    • Auto-size the window to fit the image up to the max size of your screen
    • or... Auto-size the window while scaling images that are too large to fit the screen
  • Preview drawer for finding the image you want quickly
  • Supports most common image file types

What's new in BTFlip

Version 2.0:
  • Much faster image browsing
  • Properly supports Finder aliases
  • Improved preview drawer responsiveness
  • Proper scaling of images to screen resolution
  • Deleting images
  • Single rename and batch renaming of images*
  • Smart window zoom
  • Zoom to full size button and menu
  • Scale to Fit button and menu
  • Displays copyable image file path
  • Preview drawer no longer retains focus after double-clicking, allows for improved work flow
  • Open Recent... menu item
  • Remembers last folder opened
  • Minor bug fixes with redraw issues

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12 May 2004

Most helpful

Seemed to work good for 72dpi picts. Fast too.
Version 1.0
12 May 2004
Seemed to work good for 72dpi picts. Fast too.
Version 1.0