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iTunes visualizer.   Free
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vTunes is collection of small, OpenGL-accelerated iTunes visualizer plugins.
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Version 4.1: Universal Binary
Intel/PPC, iTunes 2.0 or later

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vTunes User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 4.x:
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Aikousha commented on 28 Jan 2009
The links are dead, and the author's site has no navigation links, just photos... Jan-2009
[Version 4.1]


idera commented on 20 Aug 2007
The effects use quite a bit less CPU power than the built in visualizer, though it would be nice if the Skyscraper one was a little further zoomed in. ;) I don't use the visualizer much but these sure look neat.
[Version 4.1]


Larsen2k4 commented on 14 Aug 2007
Really cool! I love the Skyscraper effect =)
[Version 4.1]

luckeyguy commented on 12 Aug 2007
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I which there was options to change colors and stuff but besides that nice!!!!!!
[Version 4.1]


Anonymous reviewed on 01 Feb 2005
recently i found this one and....
simply Roooooooooocks!!!

[Version 4.0]


Anonymous reviewed on 02 Dec 2004
Cool design!!!

Thanks for making it as freeware.
[Version 4.0]



TimPlaster reviewed on 02 Dec 2004
Absolutely the best! Great work, thanks for making it free! Keep the updates coming! Dos it have options? Screenshots on the website show different layouts/colors, but options is dimmed. Great job though.
[Version 4.0]

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Anonymous commented on 02 Oct 2005
use q,a,z to change options in skyscraper, and z in plasma

Anonymous reviewed on 01 Dec 2004
diz iz dah coola shakalaka …
[Version 4.0]


Anonymous reviewed on 01 Dec 2004
Very cool, I really like this visualizer! Both the plasma and the skyscraper are very well done. For its simplicity, the plasma is remarkably beautiful. As for the ripple mode, I don't quite get it: it reacts to the music really well sometimes, but not others, and it slows down frequently. Not to be overly negative by adding this, but the trails that ripple's particles leave behind are quite distracting. And yes, I whole-heartedly agree that vTunes needs some settings. Otherwise, this is among my favorite iTunes visualizers. Keep up the good work!
[Version 4.0]


Anonymous reviewed on 01 Dec 2004

Skyscraper is my favorite, but they are all pretty awesome-even on my lowly 900 Mhz iBook G4 :-)

Movement is much more fluid than any other vizualizers I've seen (at least on my 'slow' computer). I would like the option to tone down the graphics (my processor was going almost 100% the whole time...), but other than that, these visualizers are A+.
[Version 4.0]

luckeyguy had trouble on 12 Aug 2007
Okay so I tried to go full screen and it went black......idk if it was me or the software
[Version 4.1]

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Version Downloads:4,664
Type:Multimedia Design : MP3
Date:12 Aug 2007
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
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vTunes is collection of small, OpenGL-accelerated iTunes visualizer plugins.

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