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21 May 2004

Expandable file processing automation system.


FileMatic is a revolutionary new application that automates tedious file tasks and consolidates your utility library. FileMatic offers an intuitive and powerful environment for collecting files, and executing an expandable set of Operations on those files. The program ships with nine Operations, including AppleScript Runner, Archiver, Disc Burner, Finder Operations, Mailer, Permissions, Rename, Split And Join, and Type Creator. These powerful modules provide a wide range of capabilities from complex file renames to multi-destination copies. Users can apply Operations individually, or graphically combine them into one-click Scripts. In addition, and perhaps most importantly, users can add third-party Operations, or develop their own using the Cocoa-based FileMatic SDK. The application's open design enables it to deliver a virtually unlimited level of utility.


  • Nine built-in Operations gives you an entire utility library in one application: AppleScript Runner, Archiver, Disc Burner, Finder Operations, Mailer, Permissions, Rename, Split and Join, and Type Creator.
  • Fully open design allows users to add third-party Operations, or develop their own
  • Filtering system for easy file searches. Filters provide both a Simple mode, for quick and easy form-based searches, and an Advanced mode to create a complex Boolean query.
  • Smart Sources provide one-click access to any folder or volume on your system or network. Attach a Filter to a Smart Source to create a powerful saved search.
  • Preset feature makes processing files with the same parameters effortless.
  • Scripts allow users to combine multiple tasks into a one-click action.
  • Built-in Script Builder features a graphical approach, therefore requiring no programming knowledge.
  • Automatic file backup to help protect valuable data.
  • Comprehensive activity logging for in-depth reports on FileMatic task execution.
  • Multi-threaded user interface to allow multiple tasks to execute at once.

What's new in FileMatic

Version 1.0.2:
  • Automatic update check on application launch.
  • Rename - New trim feature, now includes padding
  • Rename - Character set cleanup.
  • Fixed - Re-positioning a file to the top of the input table causes it to disappear.
  • Fixed - Improved Unicode support for better handling of file path's with non-ASCII characters.
  • Fixed - Running a script from the contextual can cause finder to crash.
  • Fixed - Strip causes endless loops.
  • Fixed - In some rename scenarios Replace string can cause endless loops.
  • Fixed - Capitalization only changes would prompt file already exist with same name.

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