MPP for Email Servers

4.3 11 Aug 2008

Virus, spam, content email server filter.


Developer website: RAE Internet

MPP for Email Servers (Message Processing Platform for Email Servers) provides a centralized feature, configuration point, and deployment point for virus, spam and content filtering, including both commercial and popular open source tools including Clam AV, Spam Assassin, Postfix (which is included with Jaguar), Cgate, Qmail, and SendMail and more. v1.09 includes 100% compliant WebMin module, selective scanning, group configuration, SurgeMail support and more.

What's New

Version 4.3:
  • Threading Redesign Though this sounds arcane and technical…it is The result for you is that our SMTP scalability is greatly improved.
  • Content Filter Redesign We completely redid the content filter technology to support international character sets, new regular expression technologies, per-expression actions, ability to create complex expressions and shared memory resources between policy groups. We have not had a chance to integrate all of this into the GUI yet but in time we will. All of the capabilities are there, however, and it is quite cool.
  • Sender Policy Framework SPF is a methodology to verify the authority of an SMTP server to send on behalf of a domain.
  • Spam Scoring Enhancements MPP has a custom spam scoring algorithm to create composite scores of multiple MPP tests. In MPPv4 we have added SPF results as well as content filter expressions. This is very cool because now with MPP custom spam scoring you can make sure that your important messages will never be marked as spam by a content scanner. Think of this as content based white lists.
  • Redesigned GUI MPP Manger has been reorganized to highlight functionality over features and simplicity over options.
  • New Documentation MPP documentation has been rewritten from the ground up and divided into three documents - an install guide, a configuration guide and an archive and quarantine management guide. The documentation has been written based on the GUI and functionality as opposed to being focused on configuration file options.
  • More…. Bugs have been fixed, small things added like new macros for bodystripping and many many more things that I will discuss in future posts.


Mac OS X 10.4 or later


Current Version (4.x)


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11 Aug 2008
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