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MailUnreadStatusBar... If there is un-read mail of in MailUnreadStatusBar, it is the program which the icon of the status bar makes change. A red circle sticks to the icon if there is un-read in the specified mailbox.
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Version 0.6.6: Bug fixed.
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.3 or later

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artie505 reviewed on 10 Oct 2012
I originally gave this app 5 stars in the heat of the moment, but I'm now giving it 1 to average it down to 3.

I'm taking off a total of 2 stars for:

1. My menulets "flickering" every time MUSB checks for mail.

2. MUSB's writing to Console > All Messages every time it checks for mail. (If the dev feels that this is a useful debugging procedure, MUSB should write to its own log.)

3. Dev's disdain for users...failure to respond to e-mails and posts.

4. The nicest icon's being hidden.
[Version 0.6.6]


artie505 commented on 26 Sep 2012
On a lark, I took a look at the developer's Japanese Website and found that most of the Japanese "Profile" page, the dev's e-mail address included, does not render on the English page.
[Version 0.6.6]


artie505 commented on 24 Sep 2012
Another post for the developer...

Is there any particular reason why MUSB must leave this message

9/23/12 10:27:08 PM MailUnreadStatusBar[819] UnreadCheck ()

in Console > All Messages EVERY time it checks for new mail, i.e. once a minute...1,440 times a day?

[Version 0.6.6]


artie505 commented on 24 Sep 2012
The e-mail address referenced on the developer's Web site is nowhere to be found, so I'm hoping to get the message to Garcia via MU.

I've noticed that when MUSB checks for new mail, the left-hand edge of its icon does a quickly reversed collapse in on the rest of the icon, and the icons to its left do a quick jiggle to their right, and back...about one millimeter in both instances.

This has happened with both the standard and non-standard icons with which I've experimented.

Is this expected behavior?

[Version 0.6.6]



artie505 reviewed on 24 Sep 2012
Great utility; delivers all it promises! (OS X 10.6.8)

A tip for aesthetically unsatisfied users...

To a greater or lesser degree, I hated all the icons MUSB offers as options, so I poked around in package contents and found an undocumented set of icons that is Asian in feel and so aesthetically pleasing that I'm totally mystified by why the developer chose to keep them hidden. (An Asian commentary on Western aesthetics?)

Here's how to bring them on board:

1. Navigate to /Applications/

2. Move any set, i.e. "icon" and "iconunread," of icons numbered from 1 to 4 aside by, for instance, appending an asterisk to their names.

3. Locate "baricon5.png" and "baricon5unread.png."

4. Change the two "5s" to the number of the set you moved aside.

5. Close the "Packages" window.

6. Quit and relaunch MUSB.

7. Select your new icons in MUSB > Set Mail Boxes ... > Setting.

8. Voila!

9. Enjoy. :)
[Version 0.6.6]



O5220803 reviewed on 05 Aug 2010
Perfect! Works as advertised; a very handy addition!
[Version 0.6.6]


Sbchavel commented on 22 Sep 2009
It's really nice to be able to see the mailbox by mailbox breakdown.

Clicking on a specific mailbox in the drop-down menu should open that mailbox in; likewise, clicking a particular email should open that email in Instead, either action opens up a preview pane that includes all the new emails in a single list.

Checking the Growl preference brings up all the new emails in Growl but each one needs to be closed mechanically rather than close automatically after a fixed time. If you get tens of emails, this can be tedious.

"Set mailboxes" should probably be renamed "Preferences," although that is not entirely accurate either, since the preview of unread emails list is accessed in that window as well.
[Version 0.6.6]

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Sbchavel replied on 24 Sep 2009
2 more items:

The number in the menubar does not match what I see in

Maybe the name could be replaced by a less unwieldy one.


ClarusAD reviewed on 19 Jun 2008
Really very good menubar item ; this is a "killer app" ! Works with Growl. A must have.
[Version 0.6.6]



JuanCab reviewed on 10 Jun 2008
The most recent version (0.6.5) crshes on launch under MacOS 10.5.3. I can't address any earlier version of MailUnreadStatusBar, but the current version doesn't even launch.
[Version 0.6.5]


Gregr commented on 03 May 2008
Still quits immediately after launching. I'm still using 0.46, which is the most recent version that runs.
[Version 0.6.2]


Douglas_2 had trouble on 29 Sep 2010
Doesn't seem to work on my Mini with 10.6.4. When it checks for mail the menu bar icon just spins and spins and the Application has to be forced to quit.

Emailed developer with no response so far.
[Version 0.6.6]


Tuishimi had trouble on 21 Apr 2008
This just does not work for me. Mac OS X 10.5.2 on an Intel iMac. I load my mailboxes with messages, start this thing up (set to check server) click on update... nothing. I try off-and-on for 5 minutes, nothing. I start mail... loads all the messages that this app should have told me were there to be read.
[Version 0.6.1b]


RONIN427 rated on 07 Nov 2013

[Version 0.6.6]

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Type:Internet : Email
Date:19 Jun 2008
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
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MailUnreadStatusBar... If there is un-read mail of in MailUnreadStatusBar, it is the program which the icon of the status bar makes change. A red circle sticks to the icon if there is un-read in the specified mailbox.

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