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One-click DVD copying app.   Demo ($99.95)
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  • Fast DVD Copy has been discontinued
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Fast DVD Copy is the first one-click, disk-to-disk DVD video copy software for Mac OS X.
What's New
Version 4.0.6:
  • Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) compatibility
  • Minor bug fixes
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.2 or later

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Fast DVD Copy User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 4.x:
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Artroom commented on 13 Dec 2009
Completely worthless now if they have gone out of business.
As their licence requires activation (unique to the installed computer) I can no longer use it as the serial number I have wont work without activation....
[Version 4.1]


Monty commented on 25 Jul 2009
This program has worked great for me. But now I can no longer access their site. Perhaps they are out of business.
[Version 4.1]

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NaOH replied on 14 Sep 2009
A friend of mine who was a customer of theirs has confirmed that they have gone out of business.


Tice reviewed on 06 Mar 2009
Remaining time 1 minute(s) ... forever!

Worthless. Just doesn't get the encoding of many encrypted DVDs as nearly all others.

There's better freeware like FairMount out there!
[Version 4.1]


easer commented on 25 Sep 2008
I'm trying the 1-time only demo, and I've had a message saying "Analyzing media . . . Remaining time: less than 1 minute" for about 10 minutes now. RipIt gives me a week's worth of trial, and it works. I'm moving on.
[Version 4.1]


rstandmartin commented on 09 Sep 2008
I thought it was a Great program till I got leopard

I copy - I compress but then when this Blank disc goes in I get

Drive Error Sense Key Medium ErrorSense key

ox 73, oxo3

What's that all about
[Version 4.1]


Dysan767 commented on 22 Mar 2008
Solid Product
Read everything on the net - Pros and Con
Almost didn't purchase this
Worth every Penny
I was Skeptical
Customer Service (Mary) was nothing but Helpful and Courtesy
Mary ask me to call her - I don't see the need
[Version 4.1]


robbnashville commented on 25 Feb 2008
I thought I would update my previous review. I continue to have excellent results with this application. Since my previous review, I did encounter one DVD that presented problems. For that DVD I finally ripped the content to a folder and burned the DVD with Popcorn; and it worked fine. Keep in mind that this was ONE DVD out of many ... so I would say that this software works almost flawlessly overall.

One comment suggested that Fast DVD Copy burned a DVD with an inferior format (ISO9660), so I wrote to customer support about this. Basically, the comment is not true. This is the response I received from customer service. Again, I was very impressed with their professional response ... such a wonderful difference from the responses received from MTR (that is if you ever receive a response at all). This is the response from Velan:

"Dear customer,

That is not true, Fast DVD Copy burns the copies in UDF format which is the standard format for DVDs.
In any case note that Fast DVD Copy uses the burning engine of the OS. Burning with Toast (or PopCorn) can sometimes produce better results, particularly when you are using an external drive that do not have a proper burning profile installed in the OS. This is because Toast includes its own burning engine that has many many years of development and supports virtually every DVD burner available in the market.

Let us know if you need further help.


Velan Technical Support"

This is the company that deserves our support.
[Version 4.1]



robbnashville reviewed on 09 Feb 2008
Honestly, I'm not sure why people have left negative feedback for this product. It amazes me really. Personally, I don't have much use for a product like this since I am single, don't have children to damage my DVDs and certainly want to purchase honestly what I use. However, I have a very good friend who has EIGHT children and was sometimes replacing damaged DVDs at an alarming rate. Since he is not computer savvy, I tried to help him come up with a solution.

I read reviews here and decided to go with a different option, which proved to be quite difficult. First it took two programs to accomplish the task. The first involved sending Swiss francs to some cantankerous individual named GetterButz (I think) for a program called MacTheRipper. Even after receiving my friend's money, GeeterButz made him jump through hoops, addressing email a certain way before responding, etc. to get his serial number. I could go on and on about how difficult it is to deal with GeeterButz; but what's the point. Suffice it to say, all was finally resolved and the program worked OK but not nearly as intuitively or conveniently as Fast DVD Copy. However, there was never any notification of updates. Again it was a hassle to get any upgrades from Mr. Butz.

Secondly, a second program is required to actually burn a copy of a DVD made with MacThe Ripper. Therefore, my friend had to purchase Popcorn, which is fine since it is from Roxio. Altogether though the investment was more than this program and produced no better results. Needless to say we finally gave up on dealing with the mysterious Mr Butz and bought this program.

Fast DVD Copy works as advertised. It both copies the DVD and burns the archive copy from a single program. After having burned 25-30 archives of my friend's legally purchased DVDs, we have yet to make a single failed copy. (Of course, we used high quality Verbatim discs.)

The only reason I can think of that people would give this program a negative rating is that they are cheap. Yes, it's $100; but as I said, it's really no more expensive in the long run than the other solution and so much more convenient. Spend the $100 if you need this; and use quality DVDs for your archives. You won't have a problem.
[Version 4.1]


xypher commented on 17 Nov 2007
The reason why this makes so many coasters is because it authors the disc in the ISO9660 format. You will have to copy the folders from the disc to the hard drive and burn again as UDF. I use LiquidCD which does the job fine.
[Version 4.1]



ffass reviewed on 16 Nov 2007
I've used and purchased another relatively obscure DVD copy program for OS X (plainly named "DVD Copy") and it worked fine with 95% of the DVD's I copied. Today, though, it would not work on 2 DVD's: one probably had Sony ARccOS and the other had region code protection. Fast DVD Copy 4, thankfuly, quickly and accurately copied both of those DVD's. I'm using version the latest version (4.1) on a Mac Pro with 2 internal superdrives running Leopard. I would give this app 5 stars if weren't for the shamefully high price. 5 stars for the app, 1 star for the insane price, so it only gets 3 stars.
[Version 4.1]

kballweg had trouble on 09 Aug 2004
Was very confused by the division of those who swear by it and those who swear at it. Does it work, or doesn't it? Being a gambler I bought it. And the answer is "sorta." Works, just not on the machine I Want it to...

Made several copies that all play fine on my iBook's Matshi-ta and the G4'sPioneer superdrive that burned them, but follow the some pattern reported in so many reviews of showing some initial bits then locking on my Panasonic S35 (with DVD-RAM/R, CD-R/RW)) set top player.

Haven't had a chance to test in other machines but I suspect many of the failures are happening due to a machine specific issue. What's puzzeling is that the Matshi-ta and the Panasonic drive mechanisms are fairly close, being from the same company, so it's possibly all happening at a firmware level. What would be helpful in all future reviews is to report what model of drive failed to read, and what models worked. Especially interesting will be which set top models work and which don't. There are likely other compatibility issues such as media, burn rates and variations in copy protection as well, but the machine you choose to playback on may be the major key to whether this software will work for you.

Actually Velan should be doing a list of compatible players and posting it on their web site for their own protection, not just posting which burners will work.

They also get an F in support for changing folder permissions on install in order (I suspect) to assure the software stays in the same location for the "phone home" check. Bad Velan: bad, bad, arrogant, Veland. No biskit.

If you do a trial install be sure to run disk fix or Cocktail to restore permissions.
[Version 2.5]

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Fast DVD Copy is the first one-click, disk-to-disk DVD video copy software for Mac OS X.

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