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NRG Postal Tool Kit


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NRG Postal Tool Kit

15 April 2005

Streamline shipping workflows.


The NRG Postal Tool Kit from NRG Software is designed to streamline the shipping workflow for FileMaker based order entry systems and shipping via the United States Postal Service (USPS). A wide range of functionality is can be seamlessly added to your existing solutions so that you can take advantage of address validation, city/state/zip code lookups, domestic and international rates, tracking, time in transit, Express Mail labels, pre-paid return labels and electronic delivery confirmation. Designed to work with FileMaker Pro 5.0 and above, the Postal Tool Kit is priced at $295 for a single user version. Multi-user discounts are also available. How Can It Improve My Shipping Workflow?
  • Catch shipping address data entry errors to insure proper mailing of packages
  • Proper addressing helps reduce delivery time and package returns
  • Determine exact postage costs based on weight
  • Generate ready-to-mail packing labels with FREE* Delivery Confirmation numbers
  • Build package tracking right into your order entry system
  • Send email notifications with tracking numbers when packages are shipped
  • Generate customer-friendly return labels with pre-paid postage

What's new in NRG Postal Tool Kit

Version 1.5: Updated Global Express mail per GEM API notice dated 4/7/05. Updated Delivery Confirmation and Signature Confirmation to v2. Adjusted test cases per modified UPS documentation. Base source code changed to v5. Implemented internal registration routines. Implemented "lock" mode for multi-user access. Updated plugin set. First release to include DB files for FMPv7. FMP4 no longer supported.

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