Veenix: Design & Type Tools
Veenix: Design & Type Tools


Veenix: Design & Type Tools free download for Mac

Veenix: Design & Type Tools

04 October 2005

Set of utilities for graphic and Web professionals.


Note: Veenix: Design & Type Tools is no longer under development, and it is no longer available for sale.

Veenix: Design and Type Tools is a set of OS X native font and graphic tools and utilities for Mac creatives packaged in one easy-to-use application.

Tools and features include:

  • WYSIWYG Font Database
  • Type Book Printing (Installed and Uninstalled Fonts)
  • Auto-Classification Font Categories
  • Font Activation/Deactivation
  • Character Set Charts
  • Type Sampler Slide Show
  • Font Sample Window
  • Font Measurements Window
  • Font Comparison Window
  • Color Grabber Tool
  • Color Explorer Tool
  • Imposition Calculator
  • Pre-Press Checklist
  • Measurement Conversions
  • Decimal Equivalents Chart
  • Screen Grab Tools
  • Clipboard Utilities
  • Graphic File Conversion Tool
  • Reference Charts
  • Proportion/Resize Calculator
  • Quick Web Searches for Industry Specific Goods & Services
  • Application Services Menu

What's new in Veenix: Design & Type Tools

Version 5.3 introduces a new font categorizing system featuring:
  • Auto categorization of drag-and-drop folders
  • Quick-access Font Categories Window with Smart Positioning
  • Re-designed Font List Toolbar

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15 July 2005

Most helpful

Downloaded the demo: nothing to expand, evidently. Course 10.4.2 is buggy, I'm learning.
Version 4.8
13 February 2006
Excellent DTP utility. Highly recommended. totalcontrolprint
Version 5.3
18 July 2005
I have no idea what this software is or why it's important but I'll be damned if it doesn't show up on MacUpdate twice a week. Maybe the announcements are getting a bit excessive?
Version 4.8
15 July 2005
Downloaded the demo: nothing to expand, evidently. Course 10.4.2 is buggy, I'm learning.
Version 4.8


App requirements: 
  • PPC 32
  • Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later
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