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29 June 2004

Graphical debugger for PalmOS and MacOS.


BugOff is a graphical debugger for PalmOS and MacOS applications, which runs on the Mac platform. BugOff gives you all the power of gdb in a graphical and intuitive interface plus additional time saving features including automatically saved breakpoints and scriptability.

For Mac debugging, BugOff utilizes the open source gdb debugger command line tool available on the Mac OS X Developer Tools CD.

For Palm debugging, BugOff relies on the open source PRC-Tools development package. In particular, BugOff utilizes the m68k-palmos-gdb version of the gdb command line tool. For users that do not wish to compile the PRC-Tools package themselves, a pre-built package is available from Zenonez.

What's new in BugOff

Version 1.0.1 includes numerous speed improvements and includes a new menu item which allows users to quickly get back to the current line of source code. BugOff 1.0.1 also includes documentation on creating Bug Off scripts to extend the functionality of the application and automate frequently used tasks.

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