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Mix / Blend Movies

24 March 2005

Movie mixing iMovie plug-in.


Mix / Blend Movies is a movie mixing plug-in for iMovie, and represents one of our finest achievement in composition technology. It combines the capabilites of our 'minify', 'multiple movies' and 'simple mask' plug-ins into a single, powerful, and incredibly easy-to-use package, and then improves on them. Mix/blend movies can
  • position, and re-size the movie to be inserted anywhere on the clip (this means that the you are not limited to a 1:1 blend!)
  • auto-generate a wide range of blend masks (16 base masks with millions of variants each)
  • import blend masks created with other applications
  • create blend masks from any picture
  • auto-scale the blend mask to fit the blended movie (freeing you of this tedious task)
  • auto-sync the imported movie to the clip''s length, ensuring that they play exactly the same time (making filming the two clips much easier)
  • auto-enforce proportions, so you can re-size the imported movie without distoring it

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