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Pepper Keeper1.2

18 May 2004

Chat, sharing, and collaboration app.


Pepper Computer introduces the Pepper Keeper�, the new, ad-free, instant sharing and collaboration software for everyone. The Pepper Keeper supports downloadable software applications called Pepper Packages� that are focused on real life communication, creativity, entertainment and personal productivity activities. You can use the Pepper Keeper and Pepper Packages on Windows or Mac computers.

Pepper Keeper features include:

  • Use the Pepper Keeper and Pepper Packages to stay connected via a Wi-Fi broadband connection.
  • Keep a directory of your Buddies including AOL� ScreenNames�, e-mail addresses, postal addresses and telephone numbers.
  • Synchronize your Packages between any of your computers and/or Wi-Fi Pads.
  • Create a photo album or scrapbook and share it via IM or e-mail with your friends.
  • Collaborate on school or work projects using the scrapbook or homework package. Work together to make something digital.
  • Browse the Web from any Package, keeping your bookmarks and Web page clippings right in the Package then share the bookmarks and clippings with your friends. Purchase and download additional Pepper Packages from the online Pepper Store.

You can do all this and more while staying connected via the Pepper Keeper's completely integrated AOL Instant Messenger� compatible IM. The Pepper Keeper supports all your favorites features including Buddy Lists� and multi-user chat. Your active IM sessions all happen in one IM window instead of many unorganized IM windows. You'll never miss a chat and you can share and collaborate in real-time with all your AIM buddies.

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