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blue-tec Localization Suite


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blue-tec Localization Suite

22 July 2005

Development solution for creating localizations.


The blue-tec Localization Suite is a collection of three small yet powerful applications to help developers create and maintain localizations of their products. It's the premier toolset for developers who wish to offer more than one language per application.

Localization Manager lets you create and manage your app's localizations. Set a reference language, create new localization data, compile localized interfaces - you name it (others translate it).

Localizer is what you give to the transloators along with a ".loc" file to be localized. It either shows all strings, new/modified or commented strings, and translating is a matter of click and type.

Locadoc is a small application which lets you bundle several localized documents into one simple package - ideally used for ReadMe files.

All three applications were built to make the whole process of localization as easy and fast as possible - not only for the developers, but of course also for the translators. They all feature a slick and seamless interface, a small but thorough help page, and you should be up and running in no time.

What's new in blue-tec Localization Suite

Version 2.0 features brand-new versions of both Localization Manager and Localizer, with countless improvements and additions, such as live .nib previews, advanced commenting and new interfaces. It also introduces Locadoc, a new, third, unique addition, which could change the way you think about providing ReadMe's forever.

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