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Max Magic Microtuner


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Max Magic Microtuner

06 March 2010

Microtonal scale editor for import/export of MIDI keymaps.


Max Magic Microtuner is an application for creating and editing microtonal scales and keyboard mappings that allows you to send and receive Midi Tuning Standard bulk tuning dump system exclusive messages. With Max Magic Microtuner you can create, import, edit and export 128-note MIDI Tuning Standard keymap files (.syx, .mid) compatible with the Native Instruments FM7 softsynth and with all hardware and software synthesizers offering support for MTS microtuning features; you can also import and export Scala (.scl) microtuning text files, and export your tuning files in a variety of different other formats. It also allows Max/MSP users to generate alternate tuning MIDI-to-frequency external objects automatically, and it can export the intonation table data in a text format that is compatible with the read method of the Max "Coll" object.

What's new in Max Magic Microtuner

Version 2.5:
  • fixed bug in inbound SysEx processing
  • increased stability of outbound SysEx processing

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