BR Perfect Moment
BR Perfect Moment


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BR Perfect Moment

07 March 2004

Titling app for iMovie.


BR Perfect Moment offers the following features:
  • One plugin that does it all rather than many single-function plugins
  • Unlimited quantity of characters in the title text
  • Complete control over Font styles
  • Complete control over Font colors
  • Complete control over Font sizes
  • Complete control over Text placement
  • Complete control over Background content
  • Full fade-in/out control
  • Special font styles not usually found in Mac applications
  • Imbedded graphic support
  • Transparency ("Green Screen" of any color)
  • Complete text and/or graphic scrolling control
  • NTSC or PAL format (selectable)
  • Free prototyping tool
  • Lots of free examples
  • Works with ANY version of iMovie
  • Works with Mac OS 8.6 and up (including Mac OS X)

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App requirements: 
  • PPC 32
  • or later
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