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Relay Job Dispatcher1.5

07 March 2004

Integrates with Relay for more functionality.


Simply drag any file to be delivered onto the Relayª Job Dispatcher icon and you are prompted to enter the name of the file (encoding the insertion number and destination extension as appropriate) and indicating how you want the file queued -- Rush or Standard.  Relayª Job Dispatcher will rename the file and drop it into the appropriate Relayª Incoming files folder even if that folder is on another computer.Yes, Relayª Job Dispatcher is perfect for those situations where you have multiple operators queuing files from both OS 9 and OS X stations to be delivered by Relayª.  Each operator will run a copy of Relayª Job Dispatcher on their own workstation where they prepare files for delivery*. As the operators drag files onto Relayª Job Dispatcher it will rename and queue the files over the network to a single computer running Relayª. Relayª Job Dispatcher is a great utility for integration of Markzware's Flightcheck® engine with Relay's digital delivery system. Using Relayª Job Dispatcher you can easily preflight a document with FlightCheck®, collect it for delivery (compressing it into a single archive file in the process), and queue the document for delivery.

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