Virex 7 Scripts
Virex 7 Scripts


Virex 7 Scripts free download for Mac

Virex 7 Scripts

06 March 2004

Helps automate some aspects of Virex 7.


These are simple scripts for Virex 7 (which MUST be installed before you run either of these scripts). They help setup periodic processes to scan your the file system and update the virus definitions. Periodic commands will not occur when the Mac is asleep. Make sure you leave your computer on at night if you want the maintenance scripts to run. These scripts are donationware. Please use them and distribute them freely but e-mail me any changes or request for changes you may have. However, if you use them and find them useful, please send a donation via my paypal account. Thanks!

What's new in Virex 7 Scripts

Version 1.06:
  • Removes the --nodoc option following McAfee bug fix in their engine version 4.24.0. All users should update to that version by opening this link then clicking "DAT File for Virex 7.x":
  • Packaged in a user-friendly installer.

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  • PPC 32
  • or later
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