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ObjectCreator Lite


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ObjectCreator Lite

29 December 2005

Fully scriptable UML CASE tools.


Scriptable UML CASE tool specialized for Mac.
  • Fully scriptable with python.
  • UML repository
  • UML 1.5 semantic
  • Expandable UML metamodel
  • Dynamic and scriptable code generation.
  • Objective-C, C++, java, python, mySQL code generation.
  • Objective-C reverse engineer and round-trip
  • XMI import/export.
  • UML Business Modeling.
  • Draw UML class diagram.

What's new in ObjectCreator Lite

Version 1.0.6:
  • Automatic roundtrip for Objective-C.
  • Objective-C Cocoa profile with code generation for init, dealloc, NSCoding, NSCopying, multiple inheritance, attributes and associations access operations.
  • Add a tutorial for use roundtrip feature, and one for code generation.
  • Add non-centered segment.
  • Centered segment's handle are draw as circle, and non center segment handle as box.
  • Diagram : Add name and stereotype text for association, and stereotype for association ends.
  • Diagram : Add name for generalization and dependency.
  • Add small stereotype icon for interface.
  • Diagram window's zoom button zoom to the diagram's page size.
  • Color, and font correctly applied on all drawing element.
  • Change to pyobjc 1.3.7.

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