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13 November 2009

Web application/database development tool.


Qilan is a Web application development tool and a database development tool. Currently 10 database products are supported. Qilan enables Web sites to communicate with single or multiple "backend" data sources. The Qilan graphic environment builds query and report logic that reside on the Web server. This logic is applied across supported database vendor products. "Write one question and ask multiple databases". Queries can be sent to one or many databases over the Internet, and the results displayed on a single Web page. Qilan driven Web pages can perform updates, data transfers, and data synchronization between databases. Qilan is an ideal tool to build secure eCommerce and commercial quality data-driven Web sites.

What's new in Qilan

  • Note — Version 3.2 requires new keys. Previous enablement keys will not function. Please contact support@commongrnd.com for purchase information. If you are upgrading from a version prior to 3.2, you must re-export all your webtemplates immediately after installing v3.2. Qilan v3.2 requires Java version 1.5 (version 1.6 is recommended), Mac OS version 10.5 or higher running on an Intel Mac and a user with administrative privileges.
  • Qilan is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.6.
  • Apache Tomcat v6 is included and fully configured to run with Qilan. You are advised to familiarize yourself with changes to Tomcat v6. Refer to http://tomcat.apache.org/tomcat-6.0-doc/index.html.
  • Check for Updates... has been implemented. When new versions, updated documentation or examples are added, they will be downloaded automatically.
  • Qilan has been rebuilt using JNI. Webtemplate exports are significantly faster and memory management has been improved.
  • Negative number formats display properly.
  • Abacus operators round { } and round { } to the nearest { } output a number (was a string). Numbers are interpreted as the Java class: Big Decimal. BigDecimal gives complete control over rounding behavior thus avoiding the imprecision of floats.
  • Copy/Paste webtemplate tags now work correctly. Previously, this function was disabled.
  • New Math operators have been added that explicitly use Big Decimal. (add, subtract, multiply, divide).
  • Registration screen ignores carriage returns in key fields.
  • Issues with the abacus operator, formatted by { } have been addressed. Numerical results are interpreted as numbers (doubles).
  • Three new abacus operators added: pi, e, random. All constants. QINCLUDE url and QFORWARD page attributes now accept typed text or any icon.
  • A 'Find' capability has been added to webtemplates. Text, tags and icon names can be searched.
  • Palette location is saved and stays where you put it.
  • Style Attributes... window added for CSS reference tags/values.
  • Updated documentation and new examples. Known Unresolved Issues
  • Placing a QINCLUDE as a child to an iterative tag, such as a QFIND or QWHILE, may exhaust available Java threads. If this occurs, Java errors will be returned. This type of construction should be avoided particularly when the number of iterations will exceed 100.
  • Webtemplates with two or more QFINDs from the same database table, may return incorrect abacus values. Furthermore, webtemplates with this type of construction may need to be exported separately after 'Export All Webtemplates...' is chosen.
  • Webtemplate export errors, such as recursive abaci, empty abacus icons, misplacement of tags, etc., may result in a message indicating server errors.

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