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23 September 2014

Client-server architecture for file sharing.


OpenAFS is an open source implementation of the Andrew File System (AFS) protocol, including clients, servers and a virtual filesystem kernel driver. It integrates with the bundled Kerberos support in Mac OS X to allow for a seamless user experience while accessing files in authenticated sessions.

What's new in OpenAFS

Version 1.6.6 (1.0):

Note: Finder and MacUpdate Desktop report version 1.0 for this app. The developer claims it is version 1.6.6.

All platforms:

  • As of this release, OpenAFS no longer ships uncompressed source tarballs. Tarballs are still shipped with both compression formats, gzip and bzip2. (10131)
  • Documentation improvements (10136 10314 10601)
  • Improved diagnostics and error messages (9412 10085 10274)
  • Avoid redefining "assert" in our public header files, which could cause failures when building some applications using them. (10096)
  • Fixes for parallel builds (10005 10309 10337)
  • Added a -s switch to afscp (not installed by default) to help simulate a slow client. (9416 9417)
  • Added a -probe switch to vlclient test program (not installed by default) to ping all vlservers in a cell in parallel. (9570) All server platforms
  • The fileserver now ignores any vice partitions with a NeverAttach flag file present in the root directory. (RT #130561) (9470 9471)
  • Restrict forcing CPS ("Current Protection Subdomain") recalculation in the fileserver to administrators. Also fixed a bug that could cause this operation to be incomplete. (9485 9487)
  • Allow non-DAFS fileservers to attach unusable volumes, restoring pre-1.6 behaviour. (RT #131505) (9499)
  • Restored the pre-1.6 behaviour when running vos examine for a volume currently in a transaction, showing the volume as busy again rather than offline. (9685 9915 9916)
  • Reduced the minimum time a bos salvage takes from 5 seconds to 1. (9476)
  • Fixed buserver to not segfault when started with the -servers option. (RT #131706) (10166)
  • Salvager fixes, addressing a wide variety of possible problems from unnecessary salvaging to aborts (9282 9283 9457 9458 9459 9461 9462 9480 9481 10165 10167)
  • Fixed a bug that could cause saved state information to be discarded when restarting a large or busy fileserver, which negatively impacted performance. (9683)
  • Fixed a bug that could have caused undefined behaviour in the vlserver in rare cases when a fileserver registered its addresses in the VLDB. (9429)
  • Added the -preserve-vol-stats switch to volserver, allowing it to keep the access statistics across volume restore and reclone operations instead of resetting them. (9477)
  • Inserted an exponential delay between retries when bosserver attempts to restart a server process. (9571 10199)
  • Improved vldb_check (not installed by default) to cope with broken vlentry names and volids, and provide more output to aid debugging. (10268)
  • Releasing a volume after adding a new RO site no longer touches any of the existing RO sites, if the RW data hasn't changed since the last release. (10174)
  • Make the copyDate field for RO clones have the same meaning as for remote RO volumes. Previously, the copyDate field for clones was updated every time we released. (9451)
  • Fixed potentially undefined behaviour in ptserver when too many pts ids are allocated. (10124)
  • Note that the server side NAT pings feature present in the prereleases was removed before the final release, since no positive feedback was provided during prerelease testing. (9420 10135)
All client platforms:
  • No longer track file locks on read-only volumes. Write locks can't succeed, read locks always will. Avoids log messages about this kind of lock. (8910)
  • Added the "fs flushall" subcommand, which makes the client discard all cached data. This was previously available on Windows only. (9065 9388 9389 9390)
  • Fixed a bug that could make the client incorrectly believe its cache is up to date. This change could negatively impact AFS <-> DFS translators, should those still be running anywhere. (8898)
  • Several changes to avoid panicing in certain error conditions. (9131 9287 10354 10355 10356 10357) (partially addressing RT #131747)
  • Added the -rxmaxfrags switch to afsd, allowing to limit the number of UDP fragments sent or received per RX packet. (9430)
  • Build fixes for aklog on several platforms (RT #131716) (9917 10107 10275)
  • Require that the AFS mountpoint specified in the cacheinfo file is an absolute path. Relative paths result in a client that basically works but is not fully functional. (10253)
  • Fixed a bug that could cause one of the afsd threads to enter an infinite loop (10431 .. 10436)

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1 Reviews of OpenAFS

23 September 2014
Version: 1.0

Most helpful

I have always wondered if layering this atop ZFS would be a fantastically superior file sharing platform for various use cases from workgroups to WAN sharing.
23 September 2014
Version: 1.0
I have always wondered if layering this atop ZFS would be a fantastically superior file sharing platform for various use cases from workgroups to WAN sharing.