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Playlist Blender

07 March 2004

Manage iTunes random playlists in new ways.


Playlist Blender allows users to easily manage iTunes random playlists in new ways. Combine playlists in proportions you set; create master playlists in desired sizes (great for mp3 collections that exceed the capacity of your iPod); update your master playlists with one button; instantly recall your favorite mixes. It makes smart playlists even smarter. Trial version good for 15 days.

What's new in Playlist Blender

Version 1.2.2:
  • Eliminated Applescript error on launch in some systems (maybe OS 10.3 and or iTunes 4.2). Thanks to David Bills at for troubleshooting help.
  • Added three keyboard shortcuts to run iTunes from Playlist Blender interface:
    • play/pause = space bar
    • next song = TAB
    • last song = option-TAB
  • Nuisance screen now opens from first use on. The 15-day delay code prompted error messages on some systems, perhaps even crippling the program. While I'd prefer to keep the delay, I had to choose functionality for the widest possible user base. Hey, you can always get rid of the nuisance screen by paying the shareware fee.

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